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Published at 25th of October 2020 02:30:06 AM
Chapter 2003: 2003

He was about to sit up when Yun Shishi stopped him . “You can’t move yet . You have fresh stitches, so any movement from yours can tear your wound open . ”

Her concern for him melted his heart .

As he nodded his head meekly like a gentle, little lamb, he said with a smile, “Alright; I’ll listen to you . ”

Even his agent was astounded to find him so cooperative as she reiterated the actress’s advice, “That’s right; you’d better not move in case you tear the stitches apart . ”

“You should shut up!” The actor had an instant change of attitude when it came to dealing with the other woman and told her off coldly . “Did I say that you could talk to me?”

“I…” Ji Yuqi opened her mouth again to say something but decided against it . As she anxiously pulled her lips taut for a second, she hurriedly picked up the plate of apples that she had prepared and brought it to him . “How about having some slices?”

“Go away!”

With a wave of his hand, the plate of apples was swept off her hands and onto the floor with a loud smash .

The plate broke into pieces and scattered across the floor with the apple slices .

Yun Shishi’s eyes widened in shock .

“Get lost! I don’t wanna see you . ”

“Hua Jin—”

“Did you hear me? I said to get out!”

He glared at his agent furiously .

Realising that she could not placate him, the female manager got up awkwardly as she bit her lower lip hard . “Please help me look after him . ” After saying that, she left the room and closed the door behind her .

With his hands clenching the sides of the bed, the man tried to prop himself up into a sitting position .

The actress immediately walked over and softly chided him, “Can’t you lie still on the bed?”

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“But I wanna sit up . ”

He pouted like a spoiled kid .

She had no choice but to help him up . After raising the head of the bed, she carefully assisted him to sit upright on the bed . She also helped place a couple of cushions behind his back so that it would be more comfortable for him .

His wan face seemed to be fazed by her fussiness as he watched her silently at one side . He was so tense that he did not even know where he should put his hands .

The actress looked up after sitting down next to him and, with a start, realized that he had been observing her .

“Why are you staring at me?”

“It feels so good . ”

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“I’ve only realized how good it feels to be fussed over,” he commented with utter satisfaction .

The woman was surprised to hear that . “Has no one taken care of you before?”

He shook his head, pursed his lips, and finally admitted . “You are the only one . ”

She did not know if she should believe his words .

Patting an empty spot on the bed next to him, he cried, “Don’t sit so far from me! We’re comrades who have just overcome a life-and-death encounter, aren’t we?”

“We’re not comrades,” she refuted petulantly, though she had already moved her seat closer the moment he said that .

“Can’t you move a little closer?” demanded the man coyishly, and she willingly obliged again, giving in to his demand .

He grabbed hold of her hand the moment she sat down . The movement was so sudden that she unconsciously shook off his hand the instant she felt his skin contact on hers .

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The man’s face immediately distorted with exaggerated pain from her rash action .

Thinking that she might have aggravated his wound, she quickly got up and checked his condition . “What happened? Did I hurt you?”

“Yes . I was just trying to gain warmth from your hand, but you were rough…”

His forlorn accusation made her feel deeply sorry for her behavior . She hastily presented her hands again and coaxed, “I’m sorry! I-I didn’t do that on purpose . Come and I’ll let you hold my hands now, alright?”

“No, thanks . ”

Pretending to throw a tantrum, the man rejected haughtily and refused to look at her .

Knowing that she had been utterly defeated, she grabbed his hands without further ado .

Seemingly affected by anemia, his hands felt cold, whereas hers were warm; they were so warm that he could not help yearning for more .

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