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Published at 24th of October 2020 11:15:08 PM
Chapter 2001

At the side, several doctors rushed forward to their rescue . “Sir, please calm down . I think you’re mistaken! This man isn’t your wife’s attacker . The culprit is also injured and is currently being interrogated by the police!”

Realizing that it was a misunderstanding, the man released Qin Zhou instantly and gave him a small, remorseful smile .

The agent tidied his wrinkled shirt and glanced at the bed . His anger had yet to dissipate, but he controlled his unhappiness and asked calmly, “The person on the bed is your wife?”

“Yes, and you both are…”

Yun Shishi was instantly speechless as a strange look appeared on her face .

She walked over and carefully lifted the white cloth . Glimpsing the long hair of the victim from the corner of her eyes, she let out a sigh and covered the body again .

“What are you doing?!”

The man went forward with a livid face and pushed her away . He glared at the actress like a tiger watching its prey, clearly resentful of her rude action just then .

“I’m sorry! This is a misunderstanding; I made a mistake…”

Outside the door, an awkward voice belonging to a woman was heard .

“Mr . Qin, Shishi, what are you two… doing?”

Both turned their heads around, only to see Hua Jin’s manager looking at them with startled eyes and a bewildered expression .

“Yuqi?” Qin Zhou was particularly astonished .

“You both…”

The female agent glanced at the body in this room before her lips curled into a smile speechlessly . She let out a burst of awkward laughter before asking, “Did you two recognize the wrong person?”

Half an hour later, in a special care ward .

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Hua Jin lay quietly on the hospital bed . The skin on his pale face showed how morbidly thin he had become .

His eyes were shut tightly . At that moment, his handsome and beautiful face did not seem to have an ounce of life left in it due to his excessive loss of blood .

He was extremely skinny . Normally, he relied on makeup to conceal this fact .

Now, with the makeup removed, his slim face could no longer be hidden .

He was too skinny .

Especially his wrists, they were almost only as thick as Yun Shishi’s .

He had lost a lot of blood and needed to be given two bags of it .

The actress, who was sitting by the bed, glanced at the tag hanging at the headboard . On it was the actor’s real name, Rong Jin .

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That’s his name, huh .

Rong Jin…

His surname is Rong?

She stared at the young man’s face in confusion .

Apart from him and her, the only other person in this ward was the actor’s manager .

Through their interactions on the plane, the actress and this female agent had become on rather good terms .

Qin Zhou had headed out to get certain work in order .

Since it was confirmed that neither one was in danger, there were many matters left that he needed to settle .

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The female manager sat by the bed, sighing as she peeled an apple . “I got a call in the middle of the night from the hospital, telling me that Hua Jin was injured . I was so shocked that I cried on the cab while heading here . In the end, it’s just a false alarm! The doctor said that he got stabbed in the appendix, so it wasn’t much of an issue cutting the part out, but he lost a lot of blood and needed blood transfusion . Unfortunately, there is now a scar on his abdomen . We’ll have to think of a way to have it removed, or else it’ll be awkward once we film his portraits . ”

The agent’s focus was on their future business .

With her charge injured, her worry was centered on the delay in their schedule . If they ran into a difficult organizer, they would have to pay a hefty penalty fee .

She was also worried that there would be a scar left on his body, which was a huge taboo for an idol .

The actress suddenly felt her heart aching terribly for the actor .

Ji Yuqi was probably the closest person to him, just like how Qin Zhou was to her .

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