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Chapter 2002: 2002
Chapter 2002: You will cause him harm .

From what the actress could see, though, Hua Jin was nothing more than a commodity to his agent . To Ji Yuqi, the actor was a money tree . She could not sense the care that the female manager might have for her charge .

The concern, which was displayed, could be likened to a merchant assessing the value of a product after suffering damages .

It was just too pragmatic .

Since she entered the room, his agent had mentioned nothing more than a series of damages that his injury might bring .

In fact, to this woman, the actress was also a source of trouble .

The actress not only spelled trouble for her charge but also a bigger headache for her .

When she first caught the admiration and yearning the idol had for the actress, she harshly snubbed out the flame of desire in him without delay .

She was not just this young man’s agent; she was also the ‘guardian’ sent by his woman to keep tabs on him .

Her mission was to keep watch and report his every move to his master . Hence, she was especially wary of the actress .

Yun Shishi popped a question out of the blue . “Who was that ‘Xin’er’? What happened to her?”

The idol’s agent paused for a while before replying, “I heard that the woman got robbed tonight and was stabbed by the robber when she resisted . She died on the spot . ”

“Oh, how pitiful . ”

She had mistaken that body to be Hua Jin, only to discover the blunder after crying her eyes out .

It was fortunate that the young chap in question did not witness that fiasco or he would have laughed his head off at her expense .

After peeling the apple and cutting it into slices, Ji Yuqi took a wet wipe to clean her fingers . She looked up with her usual, calm demeanor and said to the actress, “I have something to tell you . ”

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“I hope… that you can stay away from my charge . ”

As she talked, she placed the plate on the table . The female manager then turned to look at the actress with wary eyes . “You’re getting too close to him for comfort . ”

The actress was stunned by this unwelcome advice, asking the agent puzzledly as she forced a smile, “What do you mean?”

“I know that he’s been trying to get close to you, but you should know that someone like him is young and impulsive . He doesn’t know the consequences of his action—”

The actress cut her off once and for all with a frosty question . “What do you mean?”

“Let me be forthright about it . ”

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She cocked a brow and gave the actress a charming smile, continuing to speak thereafter . “Hasn’t anyone warned you to keep a distance from him when you joined this industry?”

Yun Shishi frowned .

Of course, others had warned her about this, and it did not just come from her agent, who had issued such deterring advice multiple times, but this did not mean that she knew the reason for all the dissuasion .

“What’s the reason for that?”

“That’s because if you stay too close to him, you’ll bring harm to him… and to yourself, too . ” The other woman responded matter-of-factly to her .

“Shut up!”

Suddenly, an impatient rebuke was heard coming from the bed .

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The two women were taken aback, and their eyes turned to the bed simultaneously .

“Hua Jin, you’re awake!”

“You’re awake!”

Both uttered in unison .

The actor had finally regained consciousness . As he slowly opened his eyes, he threw a sidelong glance at his agent, his eyes clearly showing enmity and disdain over her presence here .

It was obvious that the two were not on good terms .

Most artists might not consider their agents as part of their families, but they could at least get along with them .

From the brief exchange the artist had on the plane with his agent, Yun Shishi could see that the idol was rather hostile toward his manager . He would either display impatience at her or openly ignore what she had said to him .

His disgust for the agent was apparent from his attitude toward her .

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