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Published at 24th of October 2020 11:15:10 PM
Chapter 2000

Did he not pass her a light-hearted comment just before he left, telling her that it was not painful at all?

He was very much alive five hours ago, so how was it possible for him to lie in this dreary room which smelled of death?

A few doctors came to the room with some reports in their hands . They seemed to be in deep discussion with their faces looking serious .

She observed their knitted brows and caught a few words like ‘death’, ‘confirmed,’ and ‘vital signs’ uttered by them icily . This froze her on the spot .

Her agent stood next to her with deeply furrowed brows . The expression on his face was one of disbelief .

Hua Jin is… dead?!

How could that be…

Just like her, he could not accept this piece of news .

He walked up to his charge and gently clasped his hands around her arm, wanting to help her up from her kneeling position . She was still in a state of shock with tears flooding her face .

“Hua Jin, you can’t die on me…”

She could almost hear his gentle, comforting voice and see his warm countenance before her, but the icy touch of death would envelop her the next moment which reminded her of his cruel fate .  This couldn’t be true!

“Shishi, calm down…”

The man tried to help her up .

Covering her face with her palms, the actress let out a distressed wail .

Her cries alerted a few doctors, and they gathered around to comfort her .

“Ma’am, we send our condolences for your loss . Please look after yourself . ”

“Life is unpredictable . The dead may be gone, but the living will still need to face their lives . ”

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“Death is an inevitable part of life…”

She would have none of these and refused to be consoled with her hands covering her face .

Suddenly, a flurry of footsteps could be heard approaching from outside the door .

A man’s howling reached their ears without warning .

“Xin’er, Xin’er…”

Qin Zhou was stunned by the sudden interruption . Befuddled, he turned to look at the man, about twenty-nine or thirty years old, stumbling into the room . Collapsing next to the metallic bed, he hovered over the body and broke into loud cries .

“Xin’er… Xin’er, who was your murderer?! Who was the culprit responsible for your death?! You’re just talking to me this morning… You’re well and good this morning! How could you leave us just like this?!”

The man sobbed and choked out his parting words . Before Yun Shishi could react, a few more family members, men and women, rushed into the room, weeping and howling at the same time .

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“My daughter… My poor daughter…”

“You can’t be dead! You can’t die! How could you bear to leave behind your husband and children?”

Their bawling shocked the actress and her agent completely .

The woman, with two rows of tears hanging on her cheeks, was especially taken aback . Her facial expression froze for a second, unsure if she should keep crying or stop to check the scene first .


Who’s Xin’er?

Is this a case of mistaken identity?

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Just as she was exchanging glances with her manager, the man, who had brought this group in, suddenly stood up, turned around, and threw a furious glare at Qin Zhou as he stomped over to the agent . The former grabbed the latter by the collar when he had a momentary lapse .

“What are you trying to do?!” The latter rebuked the former with a bewildered frown .

“Tell me: Was it you? Did you cause my wife’s death?!”

The man was so agitated that he spouted saliva all over the manager’s face as he talked .

The agent did not know how to react . “I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

Who’s Xin’er?

I don’t know this person at all!

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