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Published at 23rd of October 2020 11:15:06 PM
Chapter 1999: 1999
Chapter 1999: A Thin Line between Life and Death

“Don’t jump into conclusions,” comforted Qin Zhou .

The moment they reached the hospital, she dashed to the reception and gave the actor’s name to the nurse on duty .

“Hua Jin?” The nurse shook her head dazedly . “I can’t find this name on the list . ”

“That… The person was stabbed in the abdomen and sent to this hospital just a while ago…”

“Madam, don’t be anxious; I couldn’t find the name you mentioned . As for the information that you’ve just provided… I’m sorry; there were two people with abdominal injuries rushed here earlier . I’m unsure which one you’re referring to . ”

“The person is very young… only in their early twenties and very pretty . ” She tried her best to describe the man in her anxious state .

The nurse thought for a bit and called another medic along . The medic then approached the two with a deadpan expression . “Are you the person’s family?


“Follow me . ”


The actress and her agent hurried to catch up with the physician .

The ambiance was sullen and heavy as they walked through the hospital hallway . Inwardly, the actress’s heart was laden with so much fear that she thought she would suffocate any time .

Soon, the hospital staff brought them to a tiny room just beside the emergency department . As she approached the door, the smell of strong antiseptic made her crinkle her nose .

The personnel pushed the door open, and they saw a trolley bed inside the room .

A figure, covered with a white sheet, lay, motionless, on the bed . The place felt cold, desolate, and… dead .

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“What…” Qin Zhou was taken aback .

The medic turned around and looked at them with sympathetic eyes . “Your family was already gravely injured before reaching our hospital; we couldn’t find any vital signs during our attempt of reviving the person . We’re sorry for your loss! The hospital is only waiting for the dead’s family members—”

“W-What?!” She could not believe her ears . Cutting the man short, the actress tried to confirm what she had just heard . “The person lying in there…”

“Yes, that’s who you’re looking for . ”

Shaking her head in disbelief, she forced a smile and asked again, “No, th-that can’t be true… Are you sure?!”

“Didn’t you say that you were looking for someone in their twenties and very pretty?”


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The actress’s mind drew a blank as she stared at him .

The hospital staff shook his head and consoled her gravely . “I can understand what you’re feeling now . Unfortunately, life can be unpredictable; I hope that you can try your best to come to terms with your loss . My condolences to you . ”

“No… no… This can’t be true…” She could not accept this news . Tears started trickling down her face as her eyes widened in disbelief . “He can’t die on me!”

“The trauma to the abdomen was deep . It impaired the guts and we couldn’t stop the bleeding . The dead went into hypovolemic shock on the way to the hospital… I’m truly sorry; we’ve tried our best!”

“No, it’s impossible!”

The woman broke down, kneeling on the floor helplessly as she sobbed uncontrollably . She still could not come to terms with the news .

“How could this happen?! Hua Jin was still joking with me before the ambulance arrived… How’s this possible… How’s this possible…”

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“My condolences to you and your family . ”

With these few words, the physician crushed the remaining flimsy hope she had inside her .

Her heart was filled with pain as teardrops flowed unceasingly down her cheeks .

This can’t be true…

He was young and healthy . Before he got into the ambulance, he had held her hands with such strength . Up to now, she could still feel his warmth lingering on her palms .

He was very much alive earlier, so how could he be dead in the next instant?

Was it just a cruel, thin line separating life and death?

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