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Chapter 1998

Qin Zhou could not hear her at all .

The interrogation room had absolute soundproofing, so Yun Shishi could not hear what her manager was saying, either .

She could only mouth the words to him . “Get me out of here . ”

He nodded his head, catching what she had said . Through the glass window, he eased her anxiousness with his gaze before turning to settle the paperwork .

Half an hour later, everything was resolved with just a payment to release her on bail .

As the actress followed her agent out of the police department, she told him everything that had happened comprehensively and concisely .

The man was at a loss .

“I didn’t send you such a message . ”


He spoke sternly . “Listen; I’m not kidding . No matter how gutsy I could be, I would never dare to invite you out on the rooftop in the middle of the night behind the chairman’s back . ”

“… Then, that message?”

“It wasn’t me who sent it . ” He made a solemn vow, even taking out his phone to let her check .

There was indeed no such message in his outbox .

“What’s going on? When I called you, I couldn’t get through, either . ”

“How could that be?”

The man hurriedly dialed a number to show that the connection was normal .

The actress found it even odder . She looked up at him with widened eyes, her thoughts in a mess .

“Shishi, could you have been sleepwalking? Perhaps you were too nervous these past two days and didn’t get enough rest…”

“That’s impossible! I’ve never sleep-walked before . Still… I truly didn’t kill anyone! Even if I detested that woman so much, I’d never do such a thing . ”

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Nonetheless, she would not deny having that fleeting desire to push Mu Wanrou off the building or strangle her to death .

When a person was in an extremely frightening situation or when one was under so much fury, they may lose their rationality, but that was reasonable self-defense .

If she had not done that, she might have died at the hands of that madwoman .

Moreover, the truth was that the latter wanted to push her off the building and jump off herself .

At best, it was committing suicide—homicide at all .

Even manslaughter was off the table .

There was no sufficient evidence to prove that that woman’s death had nothing to do with her, though .

The level of intractability, in this case, was far beyond her anticipation and imagination .

Qin Zhou comforted her . “Don’t worry; I believe you . ”

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“Yeah . ” Yun Shishi suddenly let out a sigh, her expression growing tired . “But the evidence the police currently have is detrimental to my defense . There isn’t enough proof to attest to my innocence . ”

The agent furrowed his eyebrows instantly . He could not help feeling that there were many suspicious points about this case .

“There’s definitely something fishy about this . I’ll send someone to investigate this as soon as possible . ”

“Send me to the hospital now . Hua Jin is still there . ”

“Hua Jin?”

He was befuddled again . “What happened to him?”

“Time is tight . I will tell you on our way there . ”

“Okay . ”

Both walked to the roadside and hailed a cab, rushing toward the hospital .

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Previously, before the idol was taken away by the ambulance, she had managed to learn which hospital it came from . Therefore, she knew which one the idol was sent to .

In the car, the actress asked with trepidation, “Will Hua Jin be alright?”

“I don’t know what his injuries are . It’d be lucky if none of his vital organs were injured, but if any was…”

He did not continue his statement .

However, as Yun Shishi saw the solemn expression on his face, her heart skipped a beat .

“If anything were to happen to him…”

She abruptly stopped herself, tears instantly rolling down her cheeks .

“Don’t jump into conclusions,” comforted Qin Zhou .

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