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Published at 12th of October 2020 11:55:10 PM
Chapter 1965

“I’m trying to drive a wedge between you two?”

On the other end, she could hear Song Enya bursting into a bout of cocky and hysterical laughter .

The more her nemesis laughed, the less confident she became .

D*mn . This woman can really stir shit .

She had trusted her man, but why had she lost steam under this oppressive laughter?

She bit hard her ruddy lip, trying to suppress the chill rising in her .

“Are you done?”

The other missy gradually quieted to an uneasy silence but sneered eerily thereafter . “You know very well whether I’m telling the truth or not! Why did he break his promise to you? Do you really think you are that important to him? Stop fooling yourself; he cares less about you than what you think!”

This was the last straw for the woman . With her face as white as a piece of blank paper, she hung up the phone abruptly .

Her manager saw the appalled look on her face and realized how badly affected she was this time . He did not know who had called her, but he could hear the outrageous laughter coming from the other end, and it gave him the chills .

“Who called you?”

“I don’t know . Don’t ask me anymore; I have no answer . ”

She was in a turmoil by now .

She looked up at her agent and tried to force a smile on her lips . “Are we boarding soon?”

“…Yes . ” He muffled a reply with a befuddling nod .

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The actress switched off her phone before putting it in her bag . She then went to sit quietly on the bench .

This was just too weird for her manager to stomach; his charge was looking terribly upset at this moment .

Why is she in such an ill mood after that call?

The manager knew, however, that he was in no position to probe .

If she did not want to confide her personal affairs to him, then he had no right to grill her .

After a pregnant silence, the actress shot a stiff question at him out of the blue . “Are you sure that your chairman did not say anything about why he couldn’t attend the film festival?”

The manager was startled by her question but quickly realized that she was fretting over the man’s motive for missing that important event . She had the fear that he was hiding something from her!

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He immediately clarified, “The chairman told me nothing . If he told me anything, I’d never hide it from you . ”

“Good . Thank you . ”

“Don’t be oversensitive or doubt your importance in his heart . I’ve been with him for so long, and I can tell you that I’ve never seen another woman as important to him as you,” he assured hurriedly .

Inwardly, he was telling his boss off . The latter had done a big wrong this time by breaking his promise to his wife . Now, the poor him had to clean up after his boss’s mess .

He was getting ready to catch his flight when he received a call from Mu Yazhe’s assistant . He was told that the chairman might be unable to catch the afternoon flight and that he should accompany the actress to Sea City, instead .

This was why he had rushed over to her place earlier .

Nonetheless, his boss did not say that he would not be flying to Sea City after them, so he surmised that he was just tied up to some urgent matters, resulting in him being arranged to pick up his charge at the last minute, with him walking the actress to the red carpet if the man failed to make it to the event .

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The flight was not delayed, and both managed to board the plane successfully .

As the woman settled in her seat, she heard a gasp of pleasant surprise next to her .


Fazed, she turned to see who could be calling her and saw Hua Jin separated only from her by the aisle .

He was startled to see her on the same flight . “What a coincidence! You’re in my flight, too . ”

“You’re right . ”

The young chap was also attending this year’s awards ceremony . One of his films, a year-end blockbuster, had successfully been nominated, and he was looking forward to taking home the prize for the Best Supporting Actor .

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