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Published at 12th of October 2020 11:55:07 PM
Chapter 1966: 1966
Chapter 1966: A middle-aged uncle?!

A capable, middle-aged lady, who seemed to be the actor’s agent, was sitting next to him . She looked stern in her glasses but was polite enough to acknowledge the actress with a smile .

“Boss Qin, can I exchange seats with you? I wanna sit next to Shishi . ”

The manager rejected his plea mercilessly . “No way . I have to look after her if she gets motion sickness . ”

“Lemme take care of her, then! I’ll look after her! I’m very good with that . You can leave her to me . ”

The other man merely snorted with a glare . “No way! I don’t trust you . ”

The young chap clasped his palms together in a prayer-like posture and drew close to the manager with a sincere smile, seemingly begging for a chance to prove himself .

At one side, the actor’s agent admonished him gently . “Hey, you’d better be on your best behavior and stay in your seat . ” She then lowered her volume abruptly with a warning next . “Missy won’t be happy if she finds out about you sitting with another woman . ”

“Don’t worry; I know how to pacify her . ”

After saying that, he stood up, plastered himself on Qin Zhou, and pleaded incessantly .

The manager could not shake him off and gave up his seat finally .

Once the chap sat next to the actress, he could not stop talking .

“Shishi, we must be fated to share the same flight! I thought I’d be bored sitting by myself on the plane . ”

“Eh . ”

“Who is walking the red carpet with you?”

“Qin Zhou . ”

“Oh, why him? How about walking the red carpet with me? I’m alone, anyway . ”

“No, thanks . ”

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“Hey… Why not?”

Her manager sneered at one side . “Please don’t assume that I can’t hear you . I know you’re trying to undercut me right now . ”

Hua Jin stuck his tongue out cheekily and then strutted his stuff before the former . “As an lister for period dramas, I have a substantive fanbase . Besides, I’ll complement her nicely with my pretty face . We’ll be a beautiful and compatible couple on the red carpet . We’ll certainly steal the limelight tonight! Shishi, walk the red carpet with me, please? You’ll be able to win over many more fans!”

Qin Zhou could not help taking a dig at the young actor . “You mean winning over the anti-fans, right?”

“Nonsense! I’ll destroy anyone who dares to smear her reputation!”

The other man continued to flip his papers as he sniggered . “Well, this is a good attitude . ”

The idol continued impatiently . “Regardless of anything, she’ll walk the red carpet with me . I’m a better option with our youth compared to a middle-aged uncle like you, after all . You’re overripe for her and totally incompatible!”

The older man’s hands stiffened with the newspapers in them; angry veins popped on his temples .

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The remark about his age hit his sore spot .

Narrowing his eyes dangerously, he shot daggers at Hua Jin . “‘Middle-aged uncle’?”

“That’s right . You’re approaching your thirties, aren’t you? Is that not old?”

The manager wanted to strangle the fellow there and then .

“Shut up!”

“C’mon . All men are the same . The older they are, the less they admit to it . ”

By now, Qin Zhou was gnashing his teeth at the other party, stabbing him many times over in his imagination .

He dared to call me an old man right in my face?!

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The actress suddenly commented with a smile, “Thanks, but no thanks . I prefer to walk the red carpet with that old man . ”

“Why?!” The young chap looked hurt .

Her manager intercepted with a vicious retort . “You don’t understand her at all! Compared to fresh meat, she prefers a mature and good-looking uncle . ”


Vexed, Hua Jin crossed his fingers and did not show any intention of backing down .

He really wanted to walk the red carpet with Yun Shishi .

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