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Chapter 1964: 1964

With a young mistress born into the Song family, she was carried in their hands like a pearl .

Except for the stars and the moon in the sky, whatever she wanted, they would satisfy .

This had groomed her into someone who would fight to the death for something she could not have . Even if it meant being badly bruised, she was unwilling to give up .

Once, Song Enxi wanted a doll of hers but she was unwilling to give it to her . She would rather break the toy than let their youngest sibling have it .

This was the inherent nature of Song Enya .

She sat on the bed and cried her heart out as she hugged the covers . Their mother could only sigh at the side .

Song Yunxi was annoyed to no end, his head ready to swell to twice its size .

“Mom, stop caring about her! If she wants to die, just let her do it! If she has the capability to do so, I want to see what kind of torment she can come up with!”

Just as he finished his words, Jiang Qimeng glared at him .

“Shut up! Don’t you find this situation chaotic enough?”

He narrowed his eyes and his expression was irritable . He paced a few steps from where he stood before sneering all of a sudden . “If you want to protect her, continue doing so! I shall see how long you can keep doing this! Right now, she still has us to help clean up her mess, but when another time comes and things get out of hand because of her, I want to see who will pick up the pieces for her . Hmph!”

With that, he stalked out of the room, slamming the door behind him .

Song Enya tightened her grip on the covers furiously, gritting her teeth as her tears continued to spill from her eyes .

Jiang Qimeng sighed, the rim of her eyes turning red . She walked forward and sat on the edge of the bed . She wanted to say something, yet she was afraid of provoking her daughter again . She decided to wait until her mood had settled and she was cool-headed enough before having a good talk with her!

“My daughter, don’t be angry . Your brother’s words were just said out of anger . Don’t take them to heart . ”

Her daughter wrapped herself with the covers sulkily as she continued to sob silently .

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At the airport, Qin Zhou walked over to Yun Shishi after checking in their luggage .

Sitting on the bench, the artist had made several calls to her husband but was still unable to connect to his phone .

She furrowed her eyebrows in disappointment as her face became grim .

The manager brought her a bottle of water, but she shook her head . “I’m not thirsty . ”

He raised an eyebrow and asked, “I can see that you have something on your mind . What are you thinking about?”

“It’s nothing . ”

Suddenly, her phone began to ring .

She was taken aback as a shred of glee glinted in her eyes . She picked up her phone immediately without looking at the display screen .

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“He he… Yun Shishi, you’ve lost . ”

A familiar voice, which sounded gloomy and cold then, came from the other end .

She was utterly dumbstruck .

“Song Enya?” She smiled but her voice was cold . “I’ve lost? What do you mean?”

“Do you know where Brother Mu is right now?”

She listened to the rich missy’s voice, which was like a witch’s poisonous speech, and her expression silently paled .

“Didn’t you say that he lovingly pampers you? Didn’t you dangle his heart to me, saying that you’re more important than I am to him—but what’s the truth?”

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“No matter how important you are, you will never be as important as I am to him . He’s right here with me!”

Yun Shishi raised a brow and looked at her agent instantly .

The latter looked bewildered . “What’s wrong? Who are you on the phone with?”

Song Enya’s voice was heard again on the other end . “I said that you were being opinionated, but you didn’t believe me! The truth is that Brother Mu prefers to spend time with me than attend the awards ceremony with you! This proves that I am more important to him than you are . ”

“Shut up . ” She sneered . “Did you think I’d believe your attempt at driving a wedge between us?”

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