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Chapter 1959: 1959

The man did not, though .

Yun Shishi could not help but let her imagination run wild . The more she thought about it, the more unsettled she felt .

She decided that she would give Mu Yazhe a call before she got on the plane once they arrived at the airport . She was going to inquire about exactly what was going on .

At the hospital, Jiang Qimeng brought her cousin into the ward .

As they pushed open the door, they saw Song Yunxi sitting by the bed without a word . The beeping sound from the medical equipment fell incessantly to the ears .

Song Enya was wearing an oxygen mask as she lay quietly on the bed . Her eyes were close, and she appeared to still be unconscious .

By the bed hung two intravenous bags, which continuously transmitted blood into her body .

Even though she was discovered promptly, she still lost a lot of blood . Therefore, she needed an emergency blood transfusion .

When her brother heard the door open, he turned his head over instantly, only to see their mother walking in . Behind her, his uncle could be seen walking past the door slowly . The appearance of his tall figure in this big ward made it look narrow and cramp in an instant .

The man stood there expressionlessly . His cold and strong aura made the air in the ward freeze in an instant .

Mu Yazhe’s gaze landed on the person lying quietly on the hospital bed and his expression sank a bit .

He thought that his niece was just up to one of her schemes again .

He did not expect that something had really happened to her .

“Uncle Mu…”

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Song Yunxi was startled for a moment . He felt ill at ease at the sudden appearance of the man .

He did not know that his mother would exert effort in running to Disheng and bringing his uncle over here .

“Mom, you…”

Jiang Qimeng exchanged glances with her son before tugging on her lips . “Yazhe was worried about your sister, so he came over to visit her!”

“Oh . ”

He got up immediately and offered his seat by the bed to the man .

However, the latter waved his hand coldly and stood by the bed . He had no intention of sitting down .

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He glanced at his niece . Her complexion was horrible and her skin was deathly pale . It was clear that she had lost a lot of blood . He furrowed his eyebrows as he looked at her cracked and dry lips .

“How is she?”

“She just came out of danger, but her current state still isn’t great . They’re giving her blood transfusion now . When it’s done, we’ll see how she is again,” answered his nephew .

“When did this happen?” The man raised a brow questioningly .

“It happened this morning!”

Song Yunxi paused for a moment before supplementing with more explanation . “This morning, when the maids knocked on the door to her room, there was no response . They could only hear running water from inside . They were concerned and called for me . When I kicked open the door, we saw my sister lying in the bathtub, the water stained with blood . ”

Mu Yazhe glanced at Song Enya’s wrist .

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Her injured wrist was currently wrapped in gauze, but the wound was too deep .

His niece had been ruthless and cut a deep slit . Even though it was bandaged, there was still blood seeping out . It was glaring to the eyes .

She was rescued, but the wound on her wrist would leave a deep mark .

Her brother’s heart ached for her, but he also hated her for being so weak .

How could she cheapen her life like that?

His mother walked over and pulled his hand before saying slowly, “Yunxi, I have something to ask you . Come out with me for a while . ”

“I want to watch over my sister . I am afraid that she will cry and cause trouble again when she wakes up . ”

He could not let his worries go .

Song Enya woke up once earlier, but the moment she opened her eyes and realized that she was in the hospital, she started crying and making a fuss, almost pulling out the blood transfusion needle .

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