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Published at 10th of October 2020 11:40:07 PM
Chapter 1960: 1960

Song Enya woke up once earlier, but the moment she opened her eyes and realized that she was in the hospital, she started crying and making a fuss, almost pulling out the blood transfusion needle .

Song Yunxi was strong and managed to control her . After coaxing her several times, she finally calmed down and went back to sleep .

The chaos she caused indeed frightened him .

Jiang Qimeng rebuked, “Your uncle will be here to watch over her . Even if your sister wakes up, he can take good care of her . Be good . ”

With that, his mother walked away .

He immediately understood what she meant and followed her out before closing the door behind him .

Mu Yazhe’s brows slightly furrowed .

It was just the two of them left in the hospital ward .

Originally, he only wanted to come and have a look . He planned to leave if she was fine .

Alas, with the mother-son pair stepping out of the ward, he was unable to leave immediately .

Feeling fed up, he sat down by the bed and looked at his niece’s terribly pale face . His eyes darkened a little .

It felt as if before his eyes were his dying mother back then .

At that moment, his niece’s withered face was too similar to Jiang Yishan . It was to the point that he could not help feeling a little pity .

It was only a momentary distraction, though, as he regained his senses in the next second .

The person before him was not his mother .

His mother had passed on long ago .

When he thought about this, he closed his eyes exhaustedly .

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His mother’s passing used to be his most painful nightmare .

In the past, if it had not been for his niece’s constant company, he feared that he would have been unable to endure the pain .

He had placed all his longing for his mother on her .

This lass was still innocent and unaffected during childhood, though she was already arrogant and willful then .

Why did she end up like this now?

In such a loathsome state .

What was the meaning behind her actions?

Cutting her wrist? Committing suicide?

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Did she plan to use self-harm to punish and agitate him for his heartlessness, or was this another delusion of hers, trying to use such a method to gain his sympathy?

Did she think that, just because she did this, he would feel guilty?

Amid his complicated thoughts, Song Enya suddenly opened her eyes as she regained consciousness .

She was greeted by the snowy-white ceiling as the hospital’s sterilized odor hit her nostrils .

All of a sudden, the missy sensed a figure at the side and she turned her head immediately . She stared at the man sitting quietly at the bedside, and an unexpectedly gratified smile appeared on her face .

“Brother Mu… you came?”

“Yes . ”

“You’re still weak so don’t talk too much,” said Mu Yazhe coolly .

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He did not want to hear her voice, in fact .

Song Enya smiled gloomily . She bit her lower lip and was about to open her mouth to speak, only to see the man furrowing his eyebrows as he asked icily, “What is the purpose behind inviting me here in such a manner?”

“What do you mean?”

“Is this one of your schemes as well?” He stomped his feet coldly and questioned her cruelly . “Using self-harm to gain my sympathy and pity—is that your ambition?”

“I… I did not!” She looked alarmed as she shook her head frantically .

“No?” Mu Yazhe’s voice suddenly rose a few notches . “Who are you putting on this act for, then?”

His voice was not considered high, but every word that fell on her ears felt like knives stabbing her body cruelly .

Song Enya bit her lower lip painfully until she could feel the numbing pain from it .

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