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Published at 10th of October 2020 02:25:06 AM
Chapter 1958: 1958

The woman brought her luggage out of her room and left the house with her two sons escorting her to the door . When Qin Zhou got the chauffeur to open the back of the car, Mu Yichen snatched the chance to put his mother’s luggage in the trunk .

The manager stood fossilized on the spot, dumbfounded by the child’s immense strength . “Is he truly just a seven-year-old kiddo? He is as strong as an ox…”

“Ha ha ha!” The younger twin was tickled into a hoot . “Big bro is a little, black ox!”

His older brother was bewildered . “Black ox? I’m not one! Look; I look so fair!”

“I’m not talking about your skin color, silly! I’m referring to your build . You’re as strong as a little, black ox!” The younger one took a dig at him .

The older one could only glare at the younger one helplessly . He was really hurt by his sibling’s tactless remark .

A little, black ox is ugly-looking… Why must he compare me to one?

He felt so hurt .

Qin Zhou was teased by his charge’s children . The two were so interesting and adorable, especially the younger one who was like a little imp!

Resigned, their mother had to step in . “Youyou, you mustn’t bully your older brother just because you’re smarter than he is! It’s not right for you to put him down with your witty words!”

The older boy was even more hurt by her comment as he clenched his chest and eyed his mother forlornly .

Is she implying that I’m stupid?

He could feel a stab in his chest . The woman had undoubtedly rubbed salt into his wound with her words .

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At that point, their mother had also realized the damage she had caused with her insensitive words . She tried to right her wrong hastily . “I’m so sorry; mommy didn’t mean to say that you’re stupid . I was just… trying to stop your brother from bullying you!”

“Mommy’s a bully! I don’t want mommy anymore!”

Little Yichen sobbed into his sleeve, looking so down and out that his mother’s heart melted at his piteous sight .

She hurried over to hug him . “Son, don’t be angry . I’m in the wrong! Don’t cry anymore, or I won’t be able to go away with a peace of mind!”

“Mommy has to give me a kiss to earn my forgiveness,” retorted the boy with a pout .

The younger twin stood, gnashing his teeth, at one side .

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This fella is a fast-learner!

His older sibling had learned his proud tactic well . His coquettish act, when used on their mother, had never failed once .

Apparently, his brother had taken upon the skill as well!

As the woman gently cupped her son’s face in her palms, she kissed him softly on his cherubic cheek and apologetically consoled, “Will you forgive mommy now? Be a good boy and wait for my return!”

“Eh! Be sure to bring back a prize, mommy!” encouraged her son .

Nodding with enthusiasm, she declared, “Alright! Mommy will work hard for a prize!”

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As they rode to the airport, the woman sat silently inside the car, looking outside the window the whole time .

The traffic in the city was unusually congested, with sounds of impatient horns blasting incessantly in her ears . It was merely afternoon, but the traffic had already built up to an infuriating level .

Her manager sat beside her, chatting with his circle of idle friends on WeChat . Occasionally, he would look up and talk to her .

It was calm inside the car, though her heart was far from peaceful .

Women could be sensitive, and her sixth sense was telling her that something was off with her man .

The problem was that it was strange for him not to inform her if he was caught up with some other business . He should have called her at least . Even a short call to check on her before her flight would have sufficed .

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