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Published at 9th of October 2020 11:35:07 PM
Chapter 1957: 1957
Chapter 1957: He will tear his father apart .

Her younger son walked over to her, looking wretched . Slowly, he stooped in front of his mother and gently placed his small hand on the back of her palm .

“Mommy, don’t feel down . Something important must’ve happened to make him break his promise . Mommy has always been magnanimous, so can you not be mad with him anymore?”

The woman pursed her lips in a futile attempt to hold back her tears as droplets fell fast and furious at her son’s kind words .


A large drop fell on the back of his hand .

The boy’s eyes glinted dangerously for a second as they were drawn to the teardrop, which had plopped, on his hand .

Only heavens knew the all-consuming fury in him that moment; he very much wanted to tear his father apart with his hands!

What the hell is going on? That chap promised to walk the red carpet with mommy, so how could he break his promise?!

That man is a letdown!

He was incensed!

He could not show her how angry he was with his father right now, though . As their son, he had to be the peacemaker between them .

Hence, he tried to cheer her up with a smile, instead . “Don’t be upset anymore . I feel so hurt when you look so sad!”

His words took Qin Zhou by surprise .

It was highly unusual for a seven-year-old to display such high EQ . His peers would have held their mothers haplessly when placed in such a situation, but here this boy was, knowing exactly what to say to comfort an adult in distress .

What an outstanding and intelligent child!

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Mu Yichen had walked over to them by then . Hugging his mother with pain in his eyes, he consoled, “Stop crying; if you don’t mind it, I can walk the red carpet with you . Is that alright?”

His sibling pushed him to the side in detest . “Get lost! With me around, it won’t be your turn to walk the red carpet with mommy anytime soon . ”

“Hey, you don’t have the chance, either! You’re so short; mommy will have to bend to hold your hand . How inelegant!”

Their squabbling managed to tease a smile on her face at last . Stifling her sobs, she said laughingly, “Okay . You two… stop fooling around . ”

Her smiling face eased the twins’ hearts as they looked at her .

Her manager quipped, “Your sons are so well-behaved and understanding! Shishi, don’t be angry or bear grudges against the chairman . He’s probably being held up by a very urgent matter! You can question him once you see him . At worst, you can punish him by making him kneel on a washboard to ease your anger!”

“Do I have that privilege?” She snorted, looking peeved .

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That invited her agent’s jest . “No one else will have that privilege except you!”

Her lips finally curled into a genuine smile . She felt much better after their comforting .

“Alright . I know what to do . Perhaps he’s really held up by something important, so I won’t make a fuss anymore . ”

Standing up, she told Qin Zhou smilingly, “Wait for me; I’ll bring my luggage out, so we can get going to the airport . ”

“That’s my girl . Get going fast!”

The woman hurried to her room .

After she disappeared from their sight, Youyou looked askance at the adult . “Do you really have no idea what is holding my daddy back from attending this event?”

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The man was startled by the lad’s question before he shook his head, equally befuddled as the boy .

“You mustn’t hide anything from me!”

“I’m not, little lad . I really don’t know what’s going on; he hasn’t told me anything . ”

The manager was just a small employee, who had no right to pry into his boss’s affairs . He was pricked by astounding fear after being confronted by the child . Not only was the latter, he knew how to interrogate an adult, too .

Nodding, the boy seemed to dismiss the suspicion about the man as he added, “Without daddy around for the next two days, please help take care of our mommy for us!”

“Don’t worry; you can count on me . ”

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