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Chapter 1955: 1955
Chapter 1955: Boss may be unable to show up .

Half a beat, the mother obediently carried her older son to the sofa to sit as was told .

It took Youyou no longer than ten minutes to have everything neatly packed into the luggage .

“Whew! Finally done!”

He gently wiped the beads of perspiration on his forehead with a handkerchief and looked up, only to find his mother and older brother staring at him with starry eyes and a reverent expression respectively .

His lips twitched as he looked back at them, exasperated .

“What is it?!”

“How virtuous my younger son is! Whoever marries you in the future is really fortunate!” The woman lauded herself for raising such a perfect son .

Mu Yichen, on the other hand, stared at his twin, awe-struck .

“Lil’ bro, if I were born a female, I’d definitely woo you into becoming my wife . ”

“Get lost!” The younger one cast his brother a disdainful look . “Whoever marries you is an unlucky person . ”

“Why?!” he wailed, feeling aggrieved . “Have I got no merits at all?”

“You’re such an outstanding fellow that I’m unworthy of you . ”

Just as the trio was playfully bickering, the doorbell rang .

“Daddy’s back!” The older one raised his brow in excitement .

The younger one, meanwhile, found it strange . As he made his way to the door, he muttered under his breath, “Did daddy forget his keys?”

When he opened the door, he saw a man standing there . The latter looked surprised to find himself face-to-face with a boy, who was openly studying him with glistening eyes, the moment he looked down .

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“Hello, boy!” greeted Qin Zhou with a smile .

His initial surprise faded quickly as he realized that the boy, who was a carbon copy of his twin brother, was likely Mu Yazhe’s younger son .

Although they had never met before, one look was enough for him to know who the lad before him was .

Mu Yichen walked to his twin’s side and stared curiously at the man, having no idea who the visitor was despite the guy knowing him .

“Who are you?” He appeared to be wary as he posed this question, treating the man entirely as a weirdo with ill-intentions .

The top agent broke into a wry laugh . “I’m looking for your mother . ”

“Oh . You’re mommy’s manager!” That was the conclusion the younger twin derived after sizing up the adult .

He was surprised to hear that . “Eh? How did you know that?”

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“I recognized your voice . ”

The boy was occasionally around when his mother’s manager called to inform her of the schedule .

With his high sensitivity to sound, he would not forget what he heard once . This was why he could guess the identity of the man as soon as he spoke .

“What a smart kiddo . ”

His mother was surprised to see her manager when he opened the door wider to usher the visitor in . “What brought you here?”

“I’m here on boss’s order to pick you up . ”

Yun Shishi hummed in acknowledgment before she was hit by a sudden realization . Feeling puzzled, she asked, “Where is he, then? Is he still at work?”


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“The air tickets for the 1-PM flight should’ve already been booked . Is he going straight to the airport?”

She got up off the sofa and walked toward him .

All of a sudden, he became somewhat hesitant to give her a reply . “B-Boss… might be unable to make it to Sea City…”

As he spoke, he carefully studied his artist’s expression .

The woman froze . “Is he not going there anymore? Why?”

“He’s probably busy with work . I was about to get on the plane when I received a call from him, telling me to pick you up myself and go to the venue with you . That’s why I rushed over . ”

“Is he still busy with work?”

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