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Published at 9th of October 2020 02:30:07 PM
Chapter 1956: 1956

What sort of reason is that?!

Prior to this date, she had repeatedly inquired about this matter, lest the man have commitments at work and will have no free time to attend the film festival with her . He, however, confidently assured her that nothing took precedence than walking the red carpet with her .

He promised then! How could he break it so easily?!

What could that important matter be?

He’s usually a man of his words, and never once has he gone back on them .

Being confused by this situation, her gaze turned cold .

“Didn’t he promise to go to Sea City and attend the film festival with me? Why is he suddenly not going…”

“There’s probably an urgent matter at work for him to settle!”

Qin Zhou had no understanding of the situation, but he surmised that the man had a last-minute matter to settle . Considering that Disheng had tons of things, big or small, going on, it was justifiable for his boss not to make it to the film festival .

His charge asked askance, “What is he busy with?”

“He didn’t mention it . ”

“No mention of it at all?”

As though she had been splashed with a basin of cold water, her enthusiasm had dampened with her cheery mood plummeting right to the pits .

She felt extremely aggrieved over the man never considering her feelings at all when he made his on-the-spot decision not to attend the film festival despite having given his promise prior .

Didn’t we agree to walk the red carpet together?

Whose arm am I supposed to link with at the film festival if he’s not there?

The agent seemed to have noticed her concerns, for he lightly said, “I’ll be your partner on the red carpet . ”

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Upon hearing that, the woman returned to the sofa in silent indignation, where she lowered her head to let her tresses cover her disappointed look .

The kids exchanged frowns . They had no idea what had happened either .

Seeing this, the manager felt a bit awkward as he half-joked, “What? Are you reluctant to walk the red carpet with me?”

It only got her head hanging even lower than before . Even though she kept her feelings to herself and did not say a word about it, he could tell that Mu Yazhe’s act of breaking his promise had left her in great disappointment .

He walked over and sat down by her side, patting her shoulder lightly .

“I may not know what exactly is currently holding him up, but considering the size of Disheng, it’s only justifiable for your husband not to make it with all the matters he must handle . ”

“Liar . ”

Looking all expressionless, she suddenly spat out that word . Her voice was filled with desolation and sounded hoarse as though she were desperately trying not to cry . “He’s a liar!”

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Qin Zhou: “…”

“He gave his promise, but now, he’s gone back on his words . He’s a big, fat liar…”


“Since he’s not going, I won’t as well . ” She huffed . “You go on your own . ”

“Don’t be willful . It won’t matter if the boss doesn’t attend the film festival, but if you’re the one absent when it’s time for you to receive an award, people will surely say that you’re being a diva . ”

“I’m fine with that . ”

The woman did not care about any awards, nor did she care about receiving the title of the best newcomer or best actress .

All she wanted was to witness those moments with him .

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Unfortunately, everything had lost its meaning with his absence .

Her shoulders shrank in even further as she suppressed the urge to break into tears in her children’s presence .

The agent did not know how to comfort her .

He thought that he would, at most, just need to explain about the man’s absence and she would just let things pass with an understanding smile .

Never did he expect that she would mind this matter so much .

“Don’t be sad . There’s always another film festival! This is only your first one as a newly debuted artist . You’ll have many more in the future as long as you want . ”

She shut her eyes defiantly, unwilling to hear any comforting words from him .

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