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Chapter 1954: 1954
Chapter 1954: Do not create trouble for me!

She had no choice but to beg this man for help .

Alas, Mu Yazhe did not take her humble request to heart .

“That’s enough . Just leave . ”

Feeling much annoyed, he opened the door to leave but unexpectedly heard a sudden thump from behind .

His heart stilled for a moment before he turned around at once, only to see Jiang Qimeng kneeling on the floor with tears on her face .

The man flared up . “What are you doing now?!”

“I’m begging you… Please… I won’t request anything else from you again . Just this once—at the very least, please save my daughter!”

There was no trace of elegance and gracefulness in the upper-class lady at this moment, and her splendid outfit could hardly hide the haggardness and humility she was feeling .

No longer was she that glamorous yet dignified wife of the mayor . Right now, she was nothing more than a pitiful and sorrowful mother, who had spoiled her daughter rotten, which in turn, led to the lass developing an arrogant and willful character . However, despite her lavish love for her daughter, all she got in return was the need to grovel for others to save her daughter and give her the will to keep living .

Her face was full of worries and her eyes were teeming with bleak and sorrowful tears .

He blasted her with his fierce words . “Don’t you find yourself an embarrassment like this? Get up!”

“Not if you won’t agree to my request!” She persisted despondently . “I’ll remain on my knees until you promise to do what I want!”

“Is that a threat?!”

A sharp glint flashed across his eyes .

“Yes!” The woman did not deny it at all . “Just this once—please let me threaten you this one time!”

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Mu Yazhe slowly narrowed his eyes at her; the veins at the back of his hands visibly bulged with his surmounting anger .

At noon, Yun Shishi was done sorting out the clothes she would be bringing with her . She only felt relieved after entrusting the kids to the care of their grandfather and nanny with a long list of instructions .

As her younger son tidied the clothes, he began to nag at his mother . “How fussy of you, mommy! You can be at ease that big bro and I can take good care of ourselves; rather, you should be worrying about whether you can win any awards or not!”

Arching a brow, the older one mischievously quipped, “Exactly! Mommy isn’t as good as lil’ bro in taking care of others, so there’s no difference between you being home and being gone . ”

She could almost hear her heart breaking .

Was that a diss from my older son?!

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A laughing Youyou at the side, added . “Things are much easier for me when mommy goes on business trips since I only need to take care of this fool here . Mommy’s presence means that I have more things to fret about . ”

By then, her heart had practically shattered into a million pieces .

Gripping the spot where her heart was, she felt as if it had been pierced by ten thousand arrows .

“Why… are you hurting me in this manner, my darling?”

The younger boy chose to ignore her misery when, suddenly, he caught his older twin attempting to fold the gown from his peripheral view . He stopped him at once . “Hold it right there! The gown will end up all crumpled if you fold it like that!”

Little Yichen looked up puzzledly as he halted his actions .

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It turned out that he was treating the gown as any other normal dresses and wanted to fold it; alas, that would only result in the dress getting wrinkled .

“How should I do it, then?”

“Leave it aside . I’ll do it!”

“Oh . This dress needs ironing—”

“Leave it aside . I’ll do it!”

Like a nanny hard at work, the younger twin busied himself with organizing the contents of his mother’s luggage .

When his mother tried stepping forward to help, he immediately shooed her away . “Both of you, go sit on the sofa . Don’t be a hindrance and create trouble for me!”

The way he huffed at them with his arms crossed before his chest appeared really cute and amusing .

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