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Chapter 1951: 1951

His assistant was taken aback with the unannounced arrival . Turning to look at the door, he timely saw Jiang Qimeng barging in . She scanned the room and, upon seeing him sitting at his desk, dashed forward immediately .


The man frowned at the sight of her .

“Cousin, what’s wrong? Why are you in such a hurry?”

The woman could not help grumbling at him . “Why didn’t you answer my call?”

The man gave her an impassive reply . “I just returned to my office after a meeting . ”

“Chairman Mu…” The secretary tried to speak but stopped short as she glanced at the middle-aged lady in a daze .

“You can go back to work!” The assistant told her calmly .

“Understood . ” She nodded and left after closing the door .

“What do you want?” asked the man .

“I…” She glanced uncomfortably at Min Yu, who was standing at the side .

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The man signaled his assistant with a look . The latter was discerning enough to retreat respectfully from the room .

Once the subordinate was gone, the man signaled this relative on his mother’s side to go on . “You can speak now . ”

“Enya is in trouble!” The middle-aged woman’s voice quivered as she looked at the young chap with teary eyes .

He was stunned by the news . Squinting his eyes warily, he reconfirmed what he had just heard . “She’s in trouble?”

“Eh!” The woman appeared distraught . Her voice was hoarse and her eyes were red, as well as swollen, from the earlier crying . Something terrible seemed to have transpired .

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“What happened?”

“I… This morning, the servant went to check on her… There’s no answer when they knocked on her door, but they could hear water running from the room . The servants got worried and had my son to look . Luckily, he was strong enough to break the door . Once they were inside the room, they found your niece bleeding in the bathtub . The water was tainted with her blood…”

As the woman narrated the story to him, her eyes were shrouded in fear as if reliving that moment once more .

“What did she do?”

The man seemed to sense something amiss .

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“S-She… a silly girl for doing something so stupid…”

“Where is she now?”

“Yunxi quickly sent her to the hospital after he took her out of the bathtub . It’s fortunate that we found out early, and that saved her life . Her mood has been very unstable since she regained consciousness . We can’t leave her out of sight for fear of her doing something stupid again . Your nephew is looking after her now . I dare not bring this up to my husband, or else, he’ll fly into rage . ”

She was still terrorized from the experience . They were so lucky to discover the girl early; she could not imagine losing her daughter forever .

The man’s heart settled somewhat after learning that his niece was safe now .

“Good to know that she’s alright now . ”

The woman sized him up cautiously before muttering, “She wants to see you . She said she must apologize to you . Do you think you can pay her a visit to console her? She’s been looking haggard since coming out of the emergency room . My daughter also refused to talk to her brother . She’s too spoiled for her good, and I’m on my wits’ end . I know this is too much to ask from you, but you may be the only one she’ll listen to . She has refused the rest of us . ”

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