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Published at 7th of October 2020 02:25:06 PM
Chapter 1950: 1950

On the day of the Golden Eagle Film Festival .

Yun Shishi woke up early in the morning .

The film festival would be held at the fashion capital of Sea City, which was three hours away from the capital, so her husband decided to proceed with his morning meeting before picking her up from Xiangti Walk to fly over there .

The plan was for her to wait for him at home in the meantime, but for some reason, she was already wide awake when dawn broke . After the man left for his office, she lay in bed with her eyes wide open, unable to go back to dreamland even though she wanted to rest for a while more .

If one had asked her earlier whether attending the awards ceremony was too nerve-racking for her, she would have laughed it off .

Now, she was starting to fret about it .

Although she did not hold any ideas about winning any award, everyone had high hopes for her . She was satisfied with her debut film breaking the box-office record and dared not expect more .

Alas, others seemed set on her winning something in this year’s awards ceremony .

Lin Fengtian even went on to say that the Best Rookie Actress Award was hers for the taking, and it would not be the only prize she would get .

The actress thought that the winners were already predetermined by those unseen figures controlling the showbiz; thus, when she heard the bold claim from the director, her heart was turned upside down .

Even her manager surmised that getting the newcomer award would not be an issue for her .

Having said that, he was not entirely without hope for the Best Actress Award .

Their reckonings had unnerved her absolutely .

It would be great if she got something tonight . If not, she would likely be a laughingstock .

Qin Zhou snorted at her worries, telling her that no one would take her as a joke if she were to return home empty-handed .

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Of course, for her to win something would mean fulfilling their expectations . If not, the panel of judges would be ridiculed for missing out on an excellent actress like her . After all, among the contenders for this year’s film awards, ‘Yin Xiachun’ had won the hearts and souls of the jury through their reviews and the box-office result . Her performance had even surpassed some veterans’ . For her not to win any award would mean that the event had been rigged .

In short, he was very sure that she would get the Best Rookie Actress Award .

His indignant affirmation sent her guffawing .

“Are you exaggerating? Why are you so sure that the result is rigged if I don’t win a prize?”

The man merely snorted . “If you don’t get the Best Rookie Actress Award, I’ll blast the jurors with a canon!”

She chuckled merrily . “Alright, then; I’ll visit you regularly . ”

“Why do you need to visit me?”

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“I’ll visit you in prison,” she answered matter-of-factly, which drew his ire .

“What an ingrate!” he lambasted .

As she recalled their dialogue, she tossed and turned a few times under the quilt before she gave up . After opening the Weibo app on her phone, she got up from the bed .

What she could do was wait for her man to return from his meeting, and they could set off after that .

Disheng Financial Group would have a board meeting every morning .

As he had to attend the film festival in Sea City later, he made prior arrangements for the rest of his affairs to be settled while he was away .

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The intention was for him to stay a night in that city after the awards ceremony and then take a flight back the next day . Min Yu had already gotten his tickets ready by the time he finished with the meeting .

The man returned to his office to give his final instructions when the sound of approaching footsteps in high heels was heard from outside the door .

“Madam Song, the chairman is still in the middle of a meeting!”

“Don’t get in my way! I’m seeking him for something important!”


“Get lost!”

The secretary could be heard trying to stop the intruder following the sudden opening of the door .

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