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Published at 8th of October 2020 02:25:09 PM
Chapter 1952

His eyes drooped as he blandly replied, “I’m busy . I have something in the afternoon, so I won’t be able to leave . ”

The older woman thought that he would agree to her request at once .

After all, apart from her son and her husband, he was the only person in this world who had doted on her daughter the most .

She was clear, though, that this man’s love for her daughter was wholly dependent on the latter’s appearance, which strongly resembled his late mother’s .

Over the years, her daughter had grown to become even more alike to her aunt, much to her surprise .

Jiang Yishan was sorely missed by her son . In fact, her demise had almost destroyed him .

It was her daughter who had accompanied him through the dark period of his life .

The man had, henceforth, placed all his longing for his mother on his niece, treating her with much love and care, as well as fulfilling her every request regardless of how unreasonable it was .

Only her daughter could act so arrogantly and willfully before him and still receive his tolerance .

This, however, all ended with Yun Shishi’s appearance .

The man had started giving his niece the cold shoulder .

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The Mus and the Songs used to be on excellent terms and were frequently in touch with one another .

Along with his cold treatment toward her daughter, the relations between both families gradually took a turn for the worse .

However, despite having regained her life, her daughter had been lying on the sickbed like a dead person .

No matter how her brother tried counseling, coaxing, and making her happy, she remained unmoved .

‘I want to see Brother Mu . ’

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That one sentence was all she spoke .

Jiang Qimeng, who could not bear to see her daughter in such a state anymore, decided to leave the hospital without her son’s knowledge and rushed all the way to Mu Yazhe’s office to seek him . She was past caring about her poised image at this stage and was only hoping that her cousin would pay her daughter a visit to the hospital for the sake of our families’ decades-long relationship .

“Please… I’m begging you… You used to dote on Enya . I’m unsure what happened between you two; perhaps, she’s done something unforgivable, but she’s just an insensible lass . I offer my apologies to you for any offense of hers; just forgive her on my account . Besides, she also knows that she’s at fault . It’s only because she didn’t know how to face you that she would do such a silly thing of trying to commit suicide! You just need to go visit her at the hospital and talk to her for a bit . At least, dissuade her against taking her life again! I really can’t lose this daughter of mine—”

“Since she’s been brought back to life, you just need to take good care of her . There’s no need for me to visit her at all!” mercilessly rebuffed the man .

She had never expected him to be so hard-hearted .

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“Yazhe… how could you put it that way?”

“Was I wrong in any way?” He spoke matter-of-factly with an arched brow . “She has such a loving brother and parents . You, as her mother, should be the one staying by her side at such times and not me . This is your responsibility, and it has nothing to do with me . ”

“H-How could you say that?!”

Jiang Qimeng’s eyes bulged wide in shock as she cried in despair, “How could you be so cruel? Even if my daughter did something unforgivable, you shouldn’t be so cruel! She… She’s already been reduced to such a state; what… else do you want from her?!”

Tears streamed down her face when her emotions reached the peak . Even though she did not air her complaints, it could be heard distinctly between her words .

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