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Published at 4th of October 2020 11:00:06 PM
Chapter 1942: 1942

Brother wants me to return to the Gongs with him .

That was a family with her blood ties .

What kinda household is it? Are the members of it easy to get along with, or will they view my return with enmity?

From what she could deduce from Gong Jie’s words about that formidable clan, their mother was not the only woman in their father’s life . Her brother told her that that household had many members and that there was no lack of heirs-in-waiting .

She could imagine how big that family was, and how many children Gong Shaoying had from the many women in his life, just like the Mus .

As for her, she was just one of those he had lost in the wild . Although he did not seem to know that she was still alive, he still cared about her apparently .

After all, Mu Qingcheng was the woman he had loved the most in his life, and the only one whom he had let down with lasting regrets in his life .

It appeared that the only way he thought he could make up for the loss was to find his daughter .

Should… I acknowledge the Gongs?

She had never considered this matter, for that family had always come across as too mysterious and oppressive to her!

It was a place without warmth and a place where she knew she would never consider home .

Thus, she was unwilling to acknowledge her birthright .

She, subconsciously, did not want to return to a chilling and loveless place . To her, the Gong’s surname did not signify anything more than a word without emotional attachment .

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This had nothing to do with her heartlessness . The fact was that, since she was small, she did not hold any illusions about her biological father .

When she reached home, she saw her two boys sizing up a gown, which had just been delivered to their doorstep . The twins personally greeted the personnel who delivered the dress .

The assistant from the atelier smiled and respectfully approached her as she entered through the gate . “Madam Yun, welcome home! Your gown is ironed and ready for the awards’ ceremony the day after tomorrow . Do you want to try it on so we can check if there’s any alteration needed?”

“Sure . ”

The actress could see the fatigue in their eyes as the few assistants started to get busy around her .

This gown was ordered for the special occasion .

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To avoid the hassle and inconvenience, she wanted to buy a branded, catwalk gown off the rack for the red carpet . Many of such gowns in those branded stores had been shipped directly from the fashion shows abroad .

Alas, her manager disagreed with her .

She would have a high chance of bumping into another artist wearing the same gown as her if she were to choose a catwalk design .

There were just too many actresses and starlets attending the awards’ night for one to avoid such an unhappy coincidence .

Although, strictly speaking, there was nothing to fear about wearing an identical outfit with another person, as only the one who looked worse in the outfit would be the loser, the media loved to pick on such incidents and make comparisons .

Qin Zhou was more concerned with the likelihood of a young upstart wearing the same gown as her . With the actress’s rising popularity, the young starlet would certainly take advantage of such a coincidence to hype herself .

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It was as good as leeching off the actress, and he would never let his charge experience such a thing .

Hence, he got a few well-known designers to sketch a few gowns in her size for her to choose from .

She just did not expect the gown to be ready within a few days just after her selection .

The dress was exquisite—simple yet elegant . On a closer look, the fine details painstakingly sewn on the fabric were visible . The atelier was able to produce such a masterpiece in just five days; this was truly a sweet surprise for the actress . This also went to show how much the fashion studio valued this assignment .

It was obvious that the staff had scampered to produce the gown in the shortest timeframe . They originally wanted the duo to visit the studio to try the gown, but the manager vetoed that, telling them to deliver it at Xiangti Walk, instead .

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