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Published at 5th of October 2020 02:30:06 AM
Chapter 1943: 1943

The few assistants helped her put on the gown, and soon after, the actress stood facing a full-length mirror . Looking at her reflection, she was thoroughly satisfied .

She must acknowledge her manager’s good taste this instant . She reckoned that he would pick a grand and elaborative dress for the occasion; surprisingly, he chose this beautiful yet simple piece .

‘The Green Apple’ was nominated for a few categories in the awards’ ceremony this year . What she wore for the red carpet would have to complement the movie’s style .

Her character in the film came across as pure and elegant . Hence, if her makeup were to be ostentatious, it would create a barrier with her fans . What she needed was to go with the flow and highlight the movie’s theme .

Many of her fans at this upcoming award ceremony were won over by her acting .

Thus, by customizing a discreetly tasteful gown for her, the manager had seemingly brought the female protagonist in the movie to life . It was as if Yin Xiachun had walked out of the screen to walk the red carpet .

The snowy-white gown was decorated with blue, delicate laces, which looked classic and refined . The shimmering, nude makeup on her face nicely complemented her dress, making her look pure and graceful .

In fact, she looked too good to be true .

The actress stood happily in her gown before her two sons . “What do you guys think of this dress?”

“Wah!” Little Yichen let out a whoop of joyful exclamation at once . “Mommy is so beautiful!”

This was how a natural, coat-hanger looked! The woman had a tall, slender frame with a hard-to-come-by golden proportions . Her legs stretched far, letting her exude elegance even in a pair of slippers .

Her older son reckoned that his mother would look good in anything she wore .

Not only was his mother beautiful, she also effused a rare, charming charisma, which could not be concealed . Beauty could be cultivated with efforts but not style .

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Some actresses were pretty with exquisite features, but they were like lifeless porcelain dolls without souls .

All in all, a lady’s style would highlight her charm more readily than physical beauty .

With his arms crossed before his chest, the younger twin stood pensively as he inspected his mother from head to toe .

“Mommy, you really look good in this gown!” said the boy finally, his face breaking into a sudden smile .

“Why did you take so long to reply?” asked the woman with a pout . “Were your words truthful words, or were they just uttered to make me happy?”

“Mommy, why would you say that? You look good in anything; those were words from my heart . ”

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“What do you mean by me looking good in anything? It didn’t sound like an honest opinion to me . Youyou, you can’t patronize your mommy in that way . ”

The older twin could not help smirking at one side . “Brother taught me before: ‘Love is blind’ and ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder . ’”

The woman blushed at the description . “Who is the lover here…”

“Bro said that mommy was the lover in his past life, and that’s why he was fated in this life—” Before the older boy could speak further, the younger one hastily covered his mouth with a hand . Shooting him a warning look, the younger boy retorted, “Don’t spout nonsense!”

Little Yichen blinked his eyes innocently at his twin as if issuing a wordless complaint . What words have I said that weren’t true?! Those were your words!

The boy was not spouting nonsense; his younger brother had told him once that daughters were their fathers’ former lovers in their past lives; thus, this would also apply to mothers and sons .

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Love was blind, and in his twin’s eyes, nobody could surpass their mother’s beauty . None could compare to her .

The only problem was…

The lad was upset with his undiscerning, older sibling .

How could this brat utter such a thing in front of our mommy?! Mommy will get the wrong idea, alright?!

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