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Published at 4th of October 2020 11:00:14 PM
Chapter 1941

Somehow or rather, the woman could feel an overwhelming sense of animosity rising against her . As she scanned the place, she noticed many pairs of probing eyes looking in their direction .


It appeared that she had unknowingly become the public enemy of the surrounding ladies .

Still, with a man like Xiao Jie around her, it was hard not to attract any attention .

“Let’s go back to our car . ”

“Oh, why?” asked her brother in surprise, totally unaware of the smitten looks directed on him from those around him . He raised a brow . “Are you tired?”

“Yup, I’m a bit tired . Let’s proceed to the ‘beast zone’!”

The two hurriedly got in the vehicle and left that place .

In fact, she enjoyed the time spent with her brother . He was her most treasured kin, and one of the few people in this world who sincerely cherished her .

This brother of hers was different from her husband .

Mu Yazhe doted on her, too, but he was the possessive sort .

In that aspect, her brother was different . Since young, the man had been submissive toward her and had never once gone against her wishes .

She really treasured her brother; likewise, he treasured her more than his life .

The woman had silently borne witness to his sacrifices for her all this time .

The day was soon over, and it was time for them to part .

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As she sent him back to his hotel, he became taciturn and wore a glum look .

It was a mere two-day vacation for him before he plunged headlong into another whirlwind schedule .

This short, one-day outing with his sister was insufficient for him .

“Sis, how I wish we could spend more time together in the future, just like what we did today . ”

“We can, as long as you aren’t busy . ”

“Will brother-in-law get jealous?”

The lady smiled petulantly . “Why would he fight for attention with his brother-in-law?”

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“That’s true . ”

At the hotel entrance, the man alighted from the car and looked longingly at his sister .

“Sis, I still hope that you’ll reconsider returning to the Gong family with me . I didn’t mention anything about you to our father, but as he keeps tabs of my whereabouts, I’m afraid that I will be unable to hide your identity from him much longer . Soon, he’ll find out about you . ”

His mind was reeling as he paused for a second .  In fact, I can’t tell if he is aware of her identity and whereabouts at this point .

His sister hesitated before asking, “How does he keep tabs of your whereabouts?”

“His spies are everywhere . ”

He had not heard any news from the Gong household so far, but he knew that even though he had tried to keep a low profile and kept his business hidden from his family as much as possible, it would only be a matter of time before she was discovered by their omnipresent father .

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This was why he wanted to bring her back as soon as possible, but his sister was unsure if this would be a good idea . “Will he accept me?”

“Of course, you’re his daughter! He misses you . ”

“Really? Will he be able to accept me and the Mu family?”

The man was silenced by her probing .

Eventually, he spoke once more . “After so many years, my father still hates that family… even more than I do . I’m afraid that it’ll be difficult for him to let go of the hatred…”

“When the day comes where he can accept my everything, be it my husband or my children, I’ll follow you back to the Gongs, but unless that day arrives, I won’t voluntarily acknowledge him . ” She told him honestly .

The man drew a deep breath, giving her a smile thereafter as he said, “Alright . I won’t force you . Still, I hope that you’ll consider my request . ”


She raised the car window and sped off .

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