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Published at 3rd of October 2020 11:20:54 PM
Chapter 1939: 1939
Chapter 1939 : A Pair of Siblings’ Travel

Before the trip, she had prepared many carrots and vegetables to feed the small animals .

After entering the zoo, Yun Shishi’s car was quickly stopped by a cute alpaca .

These animals in the zoo were rather scheming . When they saw cars, they would immediately intercept the vehicles to ask for food . Some would even stick their heads inside the car and lick the faces of visitors while staring at them with curious and bright eyes like spiritual elves .

“What is this?”

Gong Jie widened his eyes in amazement as he stared with utmost interest at the alpaca standing in front of their car with its mouth chewing on grass nonstop .

“It’s an alpaca, which is also called the grass mud horse . ”

“Is it asking for food?” asked the man curiously as he put his attention to this alpaca with a smile on his face .

A pair of languid eyes stared fixedly at the car . It began to trot lazily and decadently to the window . After striking a pose, it calmly stuck its head to the side of the car window and opened its mouth .

He was amused . “So mean! It is so scheming, stopping our car for food!”

“What an impish animal!” Yun Shishi smiled . “Give it some carrots . It likes carrots . ”

Her brother took out a chunk of carrot from the Tupperware . Before he even tried to feed the alpaca, a glint flashed across the animal’s eyes and it bit the food in his hand . The rude action undoubtedly suggested that it had snatched the food .

Gong Jie was stunned .

It felt as if he had just been asked for toll fees .

His sister was nearly brought to tears from laughing . The alpaca had demolished one carrot and then openly stared at the container in the man’s hand; the animal licked his face with its long tongue .

He dodged in disgust and hugged his sibling . “Sis, save me!”

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“You can’t possibly be afraid of an alpaca, right?”

“I don’t like it . It has a smelly breath . ”

The man was a bit obsessed with cleanliness . He felt extremely repulsed by the animal’s one lick .

In contrast, Yun Shishi was full of admiration . “Xiao Jie, you are not cherishing this! This alpaca is extremely aloof and cold . It usually ignores people who want to get close to it . The animal licked you because it likes you . ”

“No!” he complained . “It clearly wants to steal my carrots, and that’s why it is being so friendly . It is very scheming!”

She burst out laughing .

“Then, quickly give the alpaca some carrots, so that it will stop pestering you!”

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Her brother took out a carrot to tease the animal . He purposely lured it, taking it away just as it was about to take a bite . The alpaca was very stubborn as it concentrated on the carrot in his hand . It was furious for failing to even lick the carrot after trying for a long time .

Soon, the alpaca realized that this two-legged beast was teasing him . It snorted angrily and spat a face-full of saliva at him .

Yun Shishi: “…”

Gong Jie: “…”

He closed his eyes and furrowed his eyebrows silently .

The saliva on his face was sticky . His expression stiffened . It seemed that this was the first time an animal had despised him and even spat at him .

It despised him!

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“You deserve it . Who asked you to tease it?” ridiculed his sister .


He felt wrongly accused .

He thought that it was cute, so he could not help teasing it a bit, yet he was despised by the alpaca in the end .

The alpaca appeared not to have felt appeased and moved to shower him with its saliva again .

This time, Gong Jie was fast to react and avoided it swiftly .

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