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Chapter 1938: 1938

Maternal instincts could turn a threatening woman into one who was as gentle as water .

She lamented God’s work and the impermanence of life . She was certain that the moment these twins were born, they would be separated from her .

Still, despite that, she wished for both to grow up healthily .

Little Yichen was taken away by the Mu family upon his birth, but the sick and frail child was unintentionally left behind by them .

They did not know about his survival .

The first time Yun Shishi saw the child was when he was in an incubator .

His skin was wrinkly all over and his small face was extremely red . His eyes had yet to open, but his eyelashes were long and enchanting, just like a butterfly’s fluttering wings .

“I hope you survive . I wish to see you grow taller than me . I want you to be healthy . ”

With this wish, she gave him the name ‘Tianyou’ .

She wanted the heavens to protect the child and allow him to survive the critical period .

The boy seemed to be very intelligent . It felt as if he had understood her prayers . His vital signs began to stabilize day after day, and on the eighteenth day that he was born, he finally averted the danger .

However, most of his childhood had been spent in the hospital .

She always felt that she owed him too much . Therefore, unlike other parents who imposed an excessive burden on their children, she allowed him the freedom to do whatever he wanted .

Gong Jie added to himself, Giving him the freedom to do whatever he wanted resulted in such a gifted individual .

“That fella is young yet very smart . His mouth is very sweet, and he knows how to coax people very well . ”

Yun Shishi was amused by his words . “That’s right! I don’t even know whom he learned that from . He’ll definitely be a lady-killer once he’s older . ”

“I doubt it will be just that . With the way he is now, I am sure that he will be a married woman-killer in the future . He’ll devour females from as young as seven to as old as seventy!”

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“Ha ha!”

She began to imagine the long row of girls chasing after her son once the boy was older . There would certainly be a lot .

She could not help but find it amusing .

Time went by fast . It had already been seven years in the blink of an eye .

Perhaps, in another blink of an eye, Youyou would be all grown up .

The woman thought of how she would certainly be jealous and unwilling to part with him when the day he brought home a wife came .

“Sis, where are we going to play today?”

“The zoo!”

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“To look at animals?”

Gong Jie raised a brow and was filled with anticipation . “I’ve never been to a zoo from young till now . ”

“Why not?”

“I’ve been given heavy missions since I was a child . Father arranged many plans for me, so I never had the effort to play,” answered her brother indifferently .

“The zoo is very fun . It’s going to be a road trip . We will drive the car and tour the area . ”

“Okay!” he happily agreed .

As long as he was with her, he would like it no matter where they went .

When they arrived at the ticket gantry in the zoo, they were charged a fee for the car .

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Yun Shishi had reserved tickets online earlier .

Now that the network was flourishing, everything had become convenient . All she had to do was scan the QR code while entering the zoo, and she could smoothly obtain the passes .

The zoo had a route especially for road trips . The difference here compared to other zoos was that they were permitted to get near the gentle animals .

In this zoo, apart from the zone with fierce animals, visitors could stop their vehicles at one side to play and interact with the animals . It was an interesting concept!

This zoo was exceptionally popular . Even though it was not weekends, it still attracted many visitors and the lines were long .

She happily chatted with her brother as they slowly drove in .

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