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Published at 4th of October 2020 11:00:17 PM
Chapter 1940

That animal’s saliva landed violently on Yun Shishi’s face .

She was still laughing at her brother when the saliva shockingly landed on her face . The extreme joy turned to sorrow, and she almost cried out of indignation .

Gong Jie felt schadenfreude and laughed loudly . “Ha ha ha! You were spat on by it, too! You deserved it! Who asked you to laugh at me?”

The woman quickly took out wet tissues and wiped the slobber on her face before glaring at her brother . “You still dared to laugh at me? You implicated me! It’s clearly trying to spit on you!”

“You are my older sister; we should share blessings and hardships together . ”

The man blinked his eyes mischievously and then wiped the wetness on his face with a wet tissue, too .

The siblings looked at each other with knowing smiles .

After giving the carrot to the alpaca, the pair walked to the sinks and cleaned their faces .

Thank goodness she was bare-faced .

If not, it would be hard to deal with a face full of saliva without any makeup remover .

Gong Jie wiped his face clean and, glancing at his sister who was carefully wiping her face, suddenly reached out to hold her hand tightly .

Yun Shishi turned around and looked at her brother, only to see the tenderness in the latter’s eyes .

“It feels so great, being able to hold sis’s hand!” He smiled brightly with a face full of adoration .

“What? Are you trying to curry favor with me after causing me to have a face full of saliva? It’s too late for that . ”

“Sis, I was wrong . Don’t be angry anymore, alright?” Her brother pretended to be obedient as he tried to please her .

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She let out a coquettish huff before turning around and walking away .

The man stuck close to her from behind, just like how he would when he did something wrong when they were young . He would tail after her woefully and would try to make her happy with his flowery speeches .

The woman continued to walk forward and mind her business, biting her lower lip as she laughed secretly . Only after Gong Jie begged for forgiveness the third time did she deign to glare at him . She then held his hand suddenly .

“Alright . I forgive you! Still, from now on, you must be good, okay?”

“Okay! I’ll listen to you . ”

He smiled at her and complied to her obediently .

He was 1 . 89 meters tall, while she only reached his chest, looking like a cute and helpless bird that relied on people .

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However, despite his towering height and muscular built, he still listened and obeyed her every word . He even lowered his head to give her cheek a peck . “I love my sis the most!”

“Hey . There are many people looking at us . This is so embarrassing . Can you be a little decent?”

“What’s wrong? People are only envious of our close sibling relationship . ” Gong Jie only continued holding her hand tightly .

The pair holding hands walked quietly around the zoo .

As they walked on a small lane, many people turned their heads to look at the handsome and beautiful couple .

The man was tall and slim, and his face was dashing . His posture was straight and elegant .

The woman’s posture was graceful . She was refined and elegant, as well as warm and silent .

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Perhaps because she was wearing a mask and her face could not be seen clearly, many people mistook them for a couple as she stood next to him!

There were even several couples who looked at them .

Especially those young ladies whose eyes were on Gong Jie, they had clearly never seen such a handsome man before . The expression the man had when he bent to listen seriously to Yun Shishi when she spoke, plus his focused gaze full of love, left many girls feeling envious .

They wanted such a considerate and gentle boyfriend as well!

The most important thing was his good looks .

For such an outstanding man to be born and claimed, it was truly unfair!

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