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Published at 1st of October 2020 11:10:08 PM
Chapter 1933: 1933
Chapter 1933: Secretly Captured on Camera (2)

“Who asked you to order so many dishes?!”

Despite his grumbling, the man picked up a skewer of crispy cartilage and quietly ate his share of food .

“Is it yummy?”

“Not bad . ”

Yun Shishi laughed . “You don’t know how to appreciate food! Dear, you should drop your idol image . After all, one lives to eat!”

Mu Yazhe: “…”

Of them two, the woman ate to her heart’s content and only felt full when the food was almost entirely polished off .

When the man stood up to settle the bill, she generously waved her hand at him in refusal . “It’s my treat this time!”

He was momentarily speechless . Eventually, he said while handing his handkerchief to her, “…Wipe your mouth!”

As she carefully wiped the grease off her lips, she jogged over to the cashier to make payment for their meal, which came up to a little over a hundred . It was a bargain, considering the quality and the taste of the food .

Feeling pretty much satiated now, the woman wanted to head back home and retire early for the night .

She hooked her arm through the man’s and snuggled into the crook of his elbow, which made his heart thump at the delicate and silly appearance of hers .

Thus, he acted according to his desire . Wrapping his arm around her shoulders, he dipped his head and placed a passionate kiss on her lips . He did not invade her oral cavity with his tongue, allowing the kiss to remain as just a peck . Still, it was enough to leave him wanting and lingering for more .

By the time he released her, the woman was already drunk on his kiss . Her cheeks were flushed as though they had been stained with quality blush, while her tantalizing eyes seemed to be seducing him to do more . His Adam’s apple bobbed as his body started to heat up slightly in this cold breeze .

“Come, let’s go home . ”

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He took her in his arms, wanting to hide from the wind in the comforts of their car at once .

Just as they were about to get in it, though, he caught a glimpse of something or someone lurking in a brightly lit corner not far from them . He pivoted at once, just in time to see a flashlight going off, followed by a shadowy figure moving in the flower bed .

Someone had taken snapshots of them!

With this awareness in mind, he told the woman, “Get in the car!”

“What’s the matter?”

“Get in first . We have a paparazzo on our trail . ”

Hearing that, she dared not say anything more and quickly sought shelter in the car .

Meanwhile, the man headed in the direction of the figure .

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The latter did not seem to realize that his presence had been discovered . It was only when the former drew near to him that he sensed something off in his surroundings . Knowing that he had been spotted, he immediately attempted to flee .

“Stop right there!” coldly ordered Mu Yazhe .

The paparazzo halted his steps right away and turned to look over . However, when he could not identify the man before him, he snapped unkindly at him, “What do you want?”

“What photos have you taken with your camera earlier?”

The question came out cold and hostile .

Sensing the hostility in his tone, the paparazzo arrogantly shot back in equal disdain, “What the hell does it have to do with you? I was taking photos of the scenery . It’s none of your business . ”

“Delete whatever you have taken . ”

Feeling provoked, he burst out laughing in anger . “Why should I? I have the right to refuse this order of yours . ”

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Yun Shishi was a hot, trending artist these days; perhaps, the term ‘hot and trending’ was not even enough to describe the height of her popularity . The value of her name was increasing sharply along with her shot to fame .

As her manager protected her well, paparazzi rarely managed to get a shot of her .

This paparazzo had actually been lying in wait here for someone else, but much to his surprise, the person who showed up was a bigger fish than his target, who had been a no-show thus far .

Good grief! It’s Yun Shishi!

Not only does she have a mysterious man by her side, they also seem to share an intimate relationship from how closely they’re hugging each other .

I even saw the man kissing her moments ago .

Rumors about the female artist and her abnormally swift shot to fame, which somewhat alluded to her having an extraordinary background or a sugar daddy, were rife .

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