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Chapter 1932: 1932

His face had practically turned red with rage . “No…”

Suddenly, the woman grabbed his chin and forced another spoonful of pig brains into his mouth .

Mu Yazhe: “!”

What an inhumane way of torturing him!

For the first time in his life, the man harbored thoughts of strangling the woman to death .

Has this lass gotten gutsy?

He was about to flare up at her when he tasted a fresh hint of something delectable with the tip of his tongue . His expression instantly froze .


He did not pay much attention to the food earlier as all his focus had been on the woman, but now that he started to savor it, he found the dish to be quite delicious and mouthwatering .

Yun Shishi asked smugly while grinning, “He he! Yummy, right?”

“It’s not bad!” He gave an implicit comment about its taste . Those three words, however, were already the highest form of compliment and could be considered his acknowledgment of the pig brains!

“Look at how ignorant you are . ” Inwardly, she was heartily chortling in glee .

The man’s face instantly turned icy .

How dared this foolish woman brazenly tease and laugh at me for my ignorance?

Nevertheless, he did not get upset over it .

It was probably because he liked all the different sides of her .

He was fond of her brazen teasing and jokes about him as they made him feel that no distance existed between them .

All along, everyone, including his older son, was in awe of him—something which seemed to rise spontaneously within them .

Even though he wanted to cultivate a closer relationship with that son of his, the little chap seemed to hold him in great reverie .

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This woman, meanwhile, made him feel at ease with her . He did not feel constrained in any way whenever they were together .

It felt great to him!


In his momentary daze, the woman seized the opportunity to stuff a spoonful of cicadas into his mouth .

With a smile, she said, “Try it and see how it tastes!”

Alas, the man immediately turned his head and spat the food out of reflex .

“It’s disgusting . I’m not eating bugs . ”

Pig brains were marginally acceptable, while cicadas were not .

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He hated bugs the most, finding them to be downright filthy .

Her lips twitched hard . “Why did you spit it out?”

“I don’t like it . ”

“Didn’t you also say that you disliked eating pig brains, yet you ended up liking the taste after giving it a try?”

“I can force myself to accept pig brains, but bugs? No way . ”

The very thought of it disgusted him to no end .

“Forget it . I won’t insist that you eat them . ”

With lips pouted, the woman snorted and began eating the food on her own .

It had been a long time since she ate skewers, so she enjoyed the food very much .

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The man looked at her in silence .

The way she ate looked somewhat alluring with the way her tender lips, glazed with oil, moved and parted as she bit down on the skewer and chewed the food . What a tempting sight it was .

She had excellent deportment when she ate . Perhaps, all beautiful-looking people had unique charms to them even when they were eating .

The phrase ‘a feast for the eyes’ truly befitted her .

This little thing would always, unwittingly, reveal such a silly, lovable side of hers from time to time . The sight of her eating so alluringly suddenly made the man’s throat feel slightly hoarse .

“Slow down . ”

“Aren’t you eating?” She expressed her pity to him . “I ordered too much food . I won’t be able to finish all of it if you don’t help out . ”

“Just leave it if you can’t finish the food . ”

“What a waste of food!” She snorted . “No matter what, we must finish the food we ordered and not let anything go to waste . ”

“Who asked you to order so many dishes?!”

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