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Published at 2nd of October 2020 02:30:08 AM
Chapter 1934: 1934

As things turned out, the female artist’s background was indeed not simple .

He managed to capture precious photos of the couple being intimate with each other but did not expect the man with her to discover him .

Like a ferocious lion eyeing its prey before him, Mu Yazhe gazed at the paparazzo for a long while before he suddenly let out a frosty laugh .

“How well-said! ‘Right to refuse’, huh?!”

He was laughing at the other’s stupidity for wanting to make things difficult for himself .

That laughter, however, shocked the paparazzo into stillness as he studied the man rigidly .

The latter’s voice boomed chillingly in warning, “Go back and publish the photos if you want, but don’t say I didn’t warn you: Don’t lose your hands over that bit of profit . ”

With that, the poker-faced man turned and went back to his car, where he drove off immediately after getting in .

The paparazzo, on the other hand, watched the car depart before he weakly fell to the ground in shock as though he had been drained of his energy .

The aura emanating from the man earlier was truly spine-chilling and bone-numbing . That creepy look in his eyes made him shudder in fear, in fact .

Was he threatening me just then?!

Did he think I’d be cowed by such a threat?

I have years of experience in this industry . Such a threat doesn’t scare me at all .

He wiped the cold sweat off his forehead as he pondered on the identity of the man, who had given off such an oppressive aura .

Hugging his camera, he headed straight home . This paparazzo decided to work on the article through the night and have it published first thing in the morning . He was certain that it would garner their news portal plenty of click rates!

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To people who ran web portals like him, click rates meant everything as those equated to profits .

Meanwhile, in the car, Yun Shishi was pressed against the window, fully gearing herself with a cap and a mask in the short time that the man was away .

When he got in the car and saw her looking so guarded, he could not help feeling thoroughly amused .

“Who are you hiding from when the person’s already gone?”


She stared out the window in puzzlement, looking in all directions . “Who’s the disrespectful person who came to take my photos?”

“Who else but a paparazzo? You are meat to such people, given your current fame,” he lightly answered .

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Still, the woman remained a little wary . “Did you chase after him?”

“No . ”

“Did he manage to capture anything?”

He answered in amusement, “Do photos of us kissing count?”

“…So he didn’t delete the photos?”

“I’m fine with it either way . ”

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How he wished he could tell the whole world that the woman was his to deter others from coveting her .

Hence, he did not mind having his photos with the woman secretly snapped .

The problem, however, lay in if the editor-in-chief dared to have those snapshots published after receiving them from his subordinate and seeing the figure in them .

One could tell that the paparazzo was still green, for the seniors in the field could not wait to give him a wide berth when they encountered him . They dared not even take a second glance at him, much less snap furtive shots of him .

Mu Yazhe used to be very repulsed by the paparazzi .

His remarkable, lofty status as the capital’s crowned prince, along with his prominence and dashing appearance, was what resulted in him becoming the mysterious public figure whom people desperately wanted to find out about .

The public saw him as a god-like figure .

Humans were funny creatures that liked to explore and pry into others’ unfathomable affairs .

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