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Published at 29th of September 2020 11:05:09 PM
Chapter 1927: 1927
Chapter 1927: The Proud and Haughty Boss Mu

Lu Jinyu suddenly retorted, “Sister-in-law, you don’t actually have to worry about inviting gossip when you walk the red carpet with the chief . You oughta know that the Mu Group has the media under its control . They were quick to buzz around the boss when he first shot into the limelight, waiting outside the hotels, et cetera, but they had to stop pestering him after he taught them a good lesson . Basically, no one dares to fan rumors about him or that person risks getting banned, so you can be rest assured when you go to the event with him!”

Yun Shishi grumbled, “It doesn’t matter who I go with to that event . The thing about him is his pride . He’s reluctant to accompany me, but when I tried changing partners, he wouldn’t allow it . He’s so hard to please . Hmph!”

It was his haughty attitude that pissed her off .

Unfortunately, a certain man was ticked off by her starting line . With his face sinking, Mu Yazhe interrogated, “You are okay to walk the red carpet with anyone?

“Who else are you thinking of going with to that event?” he added testily .

He swore inside to ban anyone, be it a man or a woman, that she would name, just like the way he had banned that superstar .

She was stunned and infuriated by his brash words .

This man could be so ungentlemanly with his petty attitude .

Their two sons were aware of the need to be genteel toward the opposite sex, but it appeared that their father was too domineering to be tamed .


“That’s enough; stop arguing with me . We’ll go with my decision regarding the awards’ night!”

Looking at the disdainful way she looked at him, he was too upset to listen to her reasons further

Cocking a brow, the woman wanted to object to his tyrannical behavior but dropped the idea pretty soon . She had already made up her mind to go with him in the first place, so she was too lazy to argue with him any further .

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She was only peeved at his poor attitude .

Alas, there was nothing much she could about that .

This man was like a block of wood when it came to love and the opposite sex . He would never understand the reason behind her annoyance .

Lu Jinyu started laughing cheekily . “Chief, why don’t I bribe a panel judge for our entertainment?”

“Do you have too much money to spare? Why do you want to bribe a judge?”

“We do that to get an award for our sister-in-law! A panel judge will have a final say in who the award goes . Let me bribe our way to the Best Actress award for our sis-in-law!”

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The actress was thoroughly tickled by his proposal .

Jiang Shen threw a wet blanket over him . “Giving the verdict isn’t as simple as that! There are a lot of intricacies involved for that kinda award . Don’t get yourself into trouble!”

“Can’t you see that I’m joking? To be honest, though, you probably won’t get that award this year, so don’t be too disappointed when you don’t get it, sis-in-law, yeah?” Lu Jinyu tried to console the lady .

She smiled with some resignation . “That’s enough . I’m not easily broken; it’s only an award . ”

“Yo, what a coincidence!”

A familiar voice was heard not too far away .

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Everyone turned to see Lin Fengtian and Qin Zhou walking toward them . Behind them stood a man whom the actress knew very well—Hua Jin .

The male idol did not expect to bump into her here .

This was a bar frequently patronized by the people in showbiz, especially at this hour . The many celebrities seen here were enough to make up a mini ‘Hall of Fame’ .

Her manager and the famous director were regulars here; of course, Hua Jin was, too .

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