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Published at 29th of September 2020 02:20:08 PM
Chapter 1926: 1926

Yun Shishi asked in puzzlement, “Huh? How is that so?”

Jiang Shen drained the remaining wine in his glass before explaining slowly . “Actually, because Huanyu owns half of the entertainment industry here in the country, sixty percent of the theaters and eighty percent of the media are controlled by it . That’s on top of the many shopping malls that Disheng has control over . On the first day that the film was released, the Mu Group sent out a confidential yet simple message from its chairman: ‘The Green Apple’ must set a new box-office record . This got employees like us busy, scurrying back and forth to screen and promote the film . If not for the large-scale promotion put in by the company, the film might not have produced such terrific results! That’s why, strictly speaking, sis-in-law, this is included in the unspoken rule . ”

The woman was dumbfounded upon hearing his elaborative explanation .

There were mixed emotions within her . She was happy and touched yet disappointed and forlorn as well .

She thought that the success of her maiden work was due to her hard work and talent . Unfortunately, that… did not seem to be the case .

Lu Jinyu could quickly tell the reason behind her disappointed look after stealing a glance at her . Resigned, he could only console her . “Sis-in-law, don’t dwell on the negative . Although what my buddy said is true, the show must still be good enough to pull off such a feat . We didn’t force the audience into the theaters, did we? This goes to show that the film is good enough to be eye-catching, and that’s also why it’s now on its way to becoming the next box-office hit . ”

Jiang Shen chipped in excitedly, “It seems about to set a new record after screening for over ten days, I think!”

“Yes, it’s gonna break the record soon!”

The top Chinese movie had grossed 2 . 9 billion yuan .

As of the moment, ‘The Green Apple’ had collected 2 . 89 billion so far, which was only a few million away from the needed amount to break the past record .

It would truly not be an exaggeration to say that this film could leap to the top overnight .

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The woman, who was silent again, glanced at her man in disgust .

This man is really…

No wonder she was often surrounded by gossip about her rich and powerful sugar daddy!

She could not reconcile with the newfound truth .

For her to produce this top-quality show, she had put in a lot of hard work without complaints, but what was the result in the end? A mere comment deluding to her rich and powerful backer had easily dismissed all her efforts and sacrifices .

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It was also true that this man had propelled the show to where it stood now .

Suddenly, it dawned on her why she had enjoyed such superb support and resources thus far .

It’s all because of him .

She was torn between feeling happy or down about the discovery .

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It appeared that she would forever be unable to shake off the gossip about her having undeserved advantages .

The rumor was true in the first place; she got where she was because of his tremendous help, though, of course, unlike what the rest had speculated, all the support had come from her husband—something she did not need to shun or be ashamed of . He he!

“You have to walk the red carpet with me,” reiterated the man in a firm and determined tone .

She knitted her eyebrows and shot him a question . “Why is that so?”

“There’s no need for a reason!”

How she wished she could finish him off with her glare .

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