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Chapter 1928: 1928

Hua Jin was a regular here even before he entered showbiz; hence, his face was known by many veterans in the industry .

However, when the frivolous idol saw Yun Shishi lying protectively in Mu Yazhe’s embrace, a glint flashed across his eyes for an instant as his lips curled into a chilling sneer .

It did not need a smart person to make out the relationship between the two as seen from the intimate way the couple behaved with each other .

Besides, he was sharp enough to see the engagement ring on the young chairman’s finger, which was identical with the one worn by the lady .

Is this man… her fiancé?

He could feel a stab in his heart instantly .

How envious .

Qin Zhou was jovial as he approached the couple . “I didn’t expect to bump into our big boss here . What a coincidence!”

Big boss?

He probed Lin Fengtian cautiously, “That man is…”

“Mu Yazhe, the owner of Huanyu; don’t you know him?”

He was stunned momentarily, shaking his head as he answered truthfully thereafter, “Nope . I have heard of his name but haven’t met him in person before . ”

“Let me give you a warning: Be careful when you interact with him . You mustn’t be flippant with your words or action around him . Your backer won’t be able to protect you if you antagonize this man; do you hear me?”

The reason these three were together this evening was that the recently festive director invited out Qin Zhou for a drink and then got the idol to tug along to discuss a project .

The young man was very respectful and particularly in awe of Qin Zhou . Hence, he was on his best behavior tonight with the two around .

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He was savvy and street-smart to know the right thing to say at the right time .

Lin Fengtian had a favorable impression of this young actor as he knew a thing or two about his past . The veteran was prepared to pave the way for the latter .

“You’re working with Shishi in a TV drama, right?”

“Yes… Her part is about to wrap up soon,” informed the idol matter-of-factly .

Nodding his head, the director gave him a stern warning . “You’d better keep a distance from her . ”


This was the first time he had heard someone tell him to be wary of something . Folks would normally advise the rest to keep away from him and not the other way around .

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“The man behind her is very possessive! You may be banned for staying too close to her for comfort,” elaborated the director emphatically .

After saying that, he walked over to give a toast to Mu Yazhe .

The magnate glanced at him before narrowing his eyes at Hua Jin .

The actress was startled to see her co-actor and acknowledged him with a faint smile .

The chap smiled at her in return . “What a coincidence to see you here!”

“Yes, I’m here to drink with my friends . ”

By then, Jiang Shen, who had had too much to drink, took this chance to rebut . “Sister-in-law, what do you mean by drinking with us? You did not touch the alcohol at all! Drinking with you is a loss for us! You’re a bully!”

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The woman waved her fist at him . “Shut up!”

She had gotten used to her husband’s close-knit group and no longer had qualms horsing around them .


The idol furrowed his brows in disbelief .

Other than the tycoon, he found the rest very familiar . All were influential figures in their rights and were certainly not people to trifle with .

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