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Published at 29th of September 2020 02:25:09 AM
Chapter 1925: 1925

The smile on his face gradually turned deeper and wider, but he did not want his gang to see how happy he was with her request . Instead, he refused to let go of his self-restraint as he told her arrogantly, “Since you’re so adamant on having me walk the red carpet with you, then I’ll postpone all my appointments to make myself available for you on that day!”

His pompous, offhanded reply belied the glee he felt inwardly . He did not want to appear enthusiastic in front of his band of brothers, though in reality, he had already rejected all his business appointments in preparation for bringing her to the film festival .

His nonchalance had the effect of antagonizing the woman . Glaring at him, she let out a snort . “Oh, dear . Did you have difficulty accepting my request? Actually, you needn’t bend over backward to please me . Since you’re unwilling, I’ll just have Jinyu walk the red carpet with me . ”

As she spoke, she shot the subordinate a deep, meaningful look .

The young man, who was stunned by her flirting, did not know how to respond .

Mu Yazhe’s face sank instantly, and he replied expressionlessly, “That’s not allowed!”

“Why not?”

Looking peeved, the man rebutted, “You said that you wanted to walk the red carpet with me . Why did you change your mind?”

Everyone kept quiet .

Chief, couldn’t you tell that sister-in-law was goading you with her words because of your aloof response to her invitation?

Who would have expected their capable chief to display a reverse level of intelligence when it came to love?

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The woman threw her husband a dirty look . “You seem reluctant and I don’t like forcing myself on others . You don’t have to go if you’re unwilling . ”

The man was rendered speechless by her rebuff .

Jiang Shen gloated inwardly, meanwhile . This was the first time his chief had such a forlorn look on his face . Apparently, his boss’s aloofness had caught up with him this time .

This moment was too good to be true .

The woman then went on to put up a neat argument . “Honestly, it isn’t a good idea to go with you . When I made my debut, the media insinuated that my movie’s success was due to me having a backer . If I walk the red carpet with you, who knows what kind of conspiracy theories the reporters will come up next? They may even say that I get the awards through my relationship with you!”

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The man rebuffed with indifference, “What’s wrong with that?”

His wife could not believe her ears . “What do you mean by that?”

“Who else can be your supporter besides me?” The man narrowed his eyes indignantly . “It is true that I’m your backer . ”

That simple yet ruthless answer left her speechless .

Hey, was there a need for this?

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“What do you mean by the unspoken relationship?” The man continued his reasoning without batting an eyelid . “It means that the husband supports his wife and she uses his resources for her success . There is nothing wrong with that . ”

The woman vehemently disagreed . “Hmph! That’s not true! I got the lead role in Lin Fengtian’s film because of my capability . It had nothing to do with you . ”

Jiang Shen interjected softly . “Sis-in-law, it’s true that you were crowned as a ‘Phoenix Lady’ because of your talent, but the movie topped the box office because of the efforts put in by the chief . ”

“Huh? How’s that so?”

“Huanyu’s aggressive push on the publicity and promotion can’t be underestimated . The many theaters under the company, as well as the shopping malls under Disheng, contributed in propelling the movie to its success, so strictly speaking, this is considered part of the unspoken rule, too . ”

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