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Published at 28th of September 2020 10:50:08 PM
Chapter 1924: 1924
Chapter 1924: I want to walk the red carpet with our arms linked .

“Mu Yazhe, will you take me there? I’ve always wanted to go to the Oscars . I’ll die with no regrets if I can meet my idol in person!”

“Your idol?”


The topic of idol piqued Lu Jinyu’s interest . “You have an idol that you like? Who is it?”

“Leonardo . ”

His lips twitched hard . “Leo?”

Leo was the Hollywood actor’s nickname for himself and his fans .

Once upon a time, the actor had captivated countless fans with his striking, good looks .

Alas, ever since he decided to depend only on his acting, his appearance had worsened by the year . The change in his looks was even more jaw-dropping in the recent, couple of years .

However, even though his appearance could no longer be compared to the past, Yun Shishi saw him as her idol .

She snapped back vehemently in defense of her idol, “No teasing! That’s my idol!”

Still, Jiang Shen brutally commented, “Pity that your idol has grown old . Not only does he now have a flabby tummy, he’s got a stubble as well . He’s no longer as handsome as before . ”

What a joke .

How would he dare praise another man in front of his chief and sister-in-law? Should he do that, his chief would surely stack the deck against him!

He knew how to read situations and the faces of others .

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His chief’s expression started to look off from the moment the woman revealed her admiration for Leonardo .

He did not forget to flatter the man . “As for me, my idol is the chief! He’s a diamond-grade Mr . Perfect with his debonair appearance and affluence!”

Lu Jinyu immediately expressed his disgust toward the other . “Please don’t go around disgusting others . I feel like vomiting now . ”

“What? Are you publicly expressing doubts about the chief’s charms?” Jiang Shen righteously tried to sow discord between the two .

“No . He’s just expressing his doubts on your bootlicking skills . ” The woman quietly revealed the truth, which earned her a thumbs-up from Lu Jinyu .

With his lips curled up, a quiet Mu Yazhe picked up his glass and sipped the red wine lightly .

Just then, the woman hugged his arm . “Oh, right . Will you be attending the film festival?”

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“Haven’t I asked you before? Are you going to attend the film festival?”

The man did not give her a clear response . Instead, he lazily threw out a question with an unfathomable expression on his face . “Do you want me to go?”

“Yes,” was her response, smiling sweetly at her thoughts . “If you’re going, you can be my partner . We’ll walk down the red carpet with our arms linked . ”

At the side, Jiang Shen let out a cough and advised, “Sis-in-law, you should be more reserved . Which lady goes around asking a man to be her partner?”

“What’s wrong with that? With him being such a blockhead, won’t I have to wait for ages for him to open his mouth?” She saw nothing wrong with it .

Furthermore, she wished that the man would attend the festival with her .

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It was her first red-carpet event in her acting career . Naturally, she wished that she could walk the red carpet with him under the flashing of lights . It would surely be a meaningful and memorable event .

More importantly, she could not think of anyone else, apart from him, who could be her partner .

First, she did not want to walk the red carpet with a stranger of the opposite sex .

Second, even if she was willing to do so, the man would surely get angry over it and would not allow it to happen .

Who knew? He might very well have that male celebrity ousted from the industry in a fit of rage .

Truthfully speaking, she was intending to have Lin Fengtian as her partner, but the very mention of the matter to the manager had him refusing her request right away .

“I don’t dare! God knows if I’ll be banned the next day after walking the red carpet with you!”

In that case, she might as well invite the man himself to be her partner, saving herself from such concerns .

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