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Published at 28th of September 2020 10:50:18 PM
Chapter 1923

The woman flashed him a sweet smile in return . “Isn’t it a bigger feat to beat those who engage in underhanded dealings with my skills? If I know right from the start that I’m the winner of such awards, then there won’t be much of a surprise for me when I receive them!”

Lu Jinyu shook his head teasingly . “Sis-in-law, you’d better not put it so nicely now, only to cry your heart out in our chief’s embrace when you lose those awards from others’ manipulation . ”

“Who’s crying her heart out?” she adamantly countered . “I’m not that fragile! At most, I’ll feel sad for a while . In any case, I still find myself somewhat lacking, so I won’t feel unbalanced should I fail to get any award . It’s all about adjusting my mood!” She paused a bit before proceeding to speak . “I don’t have much hope of receiving such awards, anyway . It’s the attendance that’s important! After all, this is my first time attending a film festival . My focus is on gaining more experience in such a grand event . ”

She did not have a lot of expectations in the first place .

Having achieved such high-ticket sales for her debut piece was already the biggest surprise she could ever receive, so why would she still hanker for some awards?

If the rookie actress could beat her fellow seasoned thespians and listers, who had a long history in acting, and win the Best Actress award after just acting in one movie, surely those people would end up crying their hearts out in washrooms .

She would really be engaged in dark dealings if she confoundedly won that award after walking the red carpet with her man .

To be honest, she had some stiff competition in this upcoming film festival .

Her senior counterpart, Chen Han, had starred in a literary film, which was released last year, and the copyright for it did not just get sold abroad for a sky-high price, the film itself was shown in North America . Although it only achieved average box-office results, the reviews for the movie were fantastic, especially since the veteran had put up some brilliant acting in it . The thing was that the movie had been released for quite some time, and this let her garner a large reception from the masses after undergoing repeated precipitation .

Moreover, the rookie actress did not have a strong fanbase despite gaining overnight popularity . The fans she had gained in this short period could not be compared to those the listers had gained over the years since their debut . There was no competition between them at all .

Yun Shishi felt somewhat comforted after putting things into perspective .

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She would be very much satisfied with winning the award for the Best Rookie Actress .

The newbie preferred to maintain a steady performance as she slowly built a strong foundation . There was no need for shortcuts . Plus, she could not adapt to such fluctuating fame .

Since this would be her first time attending a film festival, she felt rather nervous about it .

Lu Jinyu laughed . “How can our local film festival be considered large-scale? If you really wanna see something grand, get the chief to bring you to the Oscars . That’s what you call a star-studded ceremony . Not just anyone can attend that award ceremony . ”


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Putting aside the issue of one’s work getting shortlisted for an award category, just receiving an invitation to attend the Oscars and walking on its glamorous red carpet was already considered the highest honor the local artists could receive!

This great honor was equivalent to studying abroad for twelve years .

It was not about them blindly worshipping foreign things; it was just that the Oscars was one of the world’s most prestigious events in the film industry, with it having a wide influence and the highest standards for award ceremonies .

In their country, being nominated for any award was something to be overjoyed about .

Female celebs would rack their brains for a chance to attend the film festival and walk its red carpet as their attendance to such a prestigious event could boost their fame for a whole year with the articles they would release thereafter .

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Of course, some were willing to pay a hefty sum just for a chance to be at the festival . Even though it would cost them a lot, it was still worthwhile since they could boost their popularity

After all, being known worldwide was more glorious to actors than being recognized nationwide .

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