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Published at 26th of September 2020 11:40:14 PM
Chapter 1916

“I’ll definitely support her in the future . Her shows are worth watching for her talent and looks!”

As the actress listened to the compliments and praises by the audience around her, she was greatly encouraged .

Mu Yazhe held her hand and, with each holding the hand of a twin, the family left the theater . As they walked back to the carpark, they decided to take a stroll along the riverbank .

The night view was especially beautiful tonight .

The two boys dashed ahead as they teased each other along .

Their parents trailed after them . As Yun Shishi watched her kids have fun, a huge sense of contentment welled up within her .

This was exactly the kind of bliss that she had been seeking .

In fact, she was a conservative woman who yearned for a simple life instead more than material gains .

Now, she lived a life where she had everything she needed and a family to call hers—a family where she received warmth and love from a husband who doted on her and from her two adorable children .

She was fully satisfied with what she had now and asked for nothing more . Unlike other young girls, she did not like to seek thrill in bars, discos, or nightclubs . Such places were rowdy and predatory—something she disdained . She preferred to spend her time like this whenever she was free . Living a carefree life where she could take a quiet walk with the man she loved was good enough for her .

Some might call her a loser, but the truth was that she asked for nothing more . The good times did not come by easy to her, so thanking her lucky stars, she sincerely wished to treasure even more of what she had now .

Life was unpredictable, and one could never guess what the next day might bring .

Thus, she could only treasure what she had now .

“Life is good!” She suddenly blurted out . “It’s a blessing to enjoy a peaceful life such as this . ”

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“Why are you sentimental today?” asked the man with a chuckle .

“I was touched by what I have now . ” She then gave a serene smile . “I plan to leave showbiz after acting in a few more films . I don’t wanna be caught up with work; I prefer a peaceful life like this . There’s no need to have lots of money—having enough to spend is good enough . ”

“Haven’t I told you that you can stop acting any time? I can support you . ”

“Of course, I know that you’re more than capable of taking care of me! In fact, you’re so rich that you can support me a few thousand times . ”

“Then, why are you still so insistent on acting?” The man could not understand it .

“It’s my dream to act . A person must have dreams, or else one is no different from a shrimp . I want to have a go at self-actualization . ”

“You’re a little moron . ”

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As the two chatted happily, they finally reached the carpark . The woman had to beckon their sons, who were fooling around, into the car before they could head home .

After coaxing the boys in bed, she went to wash up . Just as she crawled into bed, the energetic man wanted her again .

“It’s late, so we’d better go to bed!” She rejected his advances and pushed him away .

“But I want it now . ”

His ambitious nature was apparent in his short reply .

His wife chose to ignore his desire . “It’s already 11 PM, and you have to wake up early for work tomorrow . ”

“That’s not a problem; I have the stamina . ”

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“You can’t even if you have good stamina . I must wake up earlier than you for a shoot tomorrow!”

“It won’t take long . ” The man could not hide his urge as he climbed on top of her, attempting to bargain his way through .

The woman blushed and mumbled, “I-I’m having my period these two days; it’s inconvenient—”

“Period?” He was not entirely convinced . “Are you sure?”

“Why should I lie about this? I’m really having my period now . ”

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