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Published at 25th of September 2020 11:15:06 PM
Chapter 1915: 1915
Chapter 1915: I will not do anymore kissing scenes .

Just as Youyou was stunned by the question, he heard his mother reply nonchalantly . “How’s that possible? I’m already a mother of two kids . ”

The actress’s calm demeanor befuddled the girl as the former continued calmly . “A colleague of mine told me that I look a lot like the female lead of this movie, so I decided to check it out!”

“Could there be such a coincidence?!” exclaimed the girl’s boyfriend after hearing what the actress had said .

Her calm and relaxed reply eradicated the doubts on the couple’s mind, and they turned to resume watching the show . As they watched, they could not help admiring . “Wow, she really looks like the actress on screen!”

Yun Shishi turned her head to glance at her husband .

The man was staring at the screen with his eyes shining brightly and pensively amid the darkness in this theater . He was like a ravishing Greek god, mesmerizing her .

Somehow, he could sense that he was being watched and gradually turned his face to look at her with a raised brow . “What is it?”

“You don’t seem to like this movie,” she muttered .

“What do you think?” The man found her comment comical . “No man likes to see their woman kissing another man . ”

“We were acting; it was just a job . ”

“It’s not acceptable even for the sake of work . ”

He could not help jesting out of jealousy . “Look at how passionate you were in kissing him; that was a helluva acting skill!”

She was stupefied by his remark, wondering if the last part was meant to praise her or put her down . She could feel his animosity against her maiden show .

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On second thought, however, she could understand the reason behind his resentment . After all, he did not like her to be too affectionate with another man . Moreover, if they were to switch roles, she would be unable to accept him kissing another woman in the name of work, either .

With this newfound realization, she made up her mind and declared, “Alright . I understand; I won’t do any kissing scenes in the future . ”

“…” The man did not quite believe her .

Clinging onto his elbow, she lowered her volume and made a promise again . “I won’t kiss another man even if the job demands it . ”

“Good! I’m glad that you’ve made up your mind . ”

He suddenly held her shoulders and pressed in to plant a kiss lightly on her lips . As his gaze dwelled on her delicate lip contour, he spoke determinedly . “This spot belongs to me and no other . No one else is qualified!”

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“Hey, practice some self-restraint . Can you keep a low profile when we are in public?” The woman shoved him away playfully .

“Why should I maintain a low profile when I’m just kissing my wife?” he countered indignantly .

Although the woman was beaming inwardly, she pretended that she was upset with him by chucking a huge serving of popcorn in his mouth .

The two lads fixed their gazes on the big screen, not daring to look at their parents . Both could tell that they were the couple’s third wheels now!

It was already past nine in the night when the movie ended .

As the crowd moved out of the theater, many were still praising the production .

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The men present mostly came along because their girlfriends wanted to catch the show .

The girls preferred such a genre in movies . Even though most had come for the superstar, they were won over by Yun Shishi’s fine acting skills .

“That female lead acting as ‘Yin Xiachun’ was fantastic! I was brought to tears by the ending . ”

“Her eyes were expressive . I must say that her acting was really superb!”

“Is ‘Yun Shishi’ the lead actress for this movie? I heard that she’s wildly popular now . I believe she’s also cast in ‘Lethal Beauty’, too . ”

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