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Published at 26th of September 2020 11:40:13 PM
Chapter 1917

Mu Yazhe seemed a little thwarted and very disappointed .

Why did her period come?

He was trying so hard, yet she was not responding in the slightest .

How could she not know the ambition he had?

Yun Shishi had been taking contraceptive pills behind his back . She would not fall for his tricks so easily .

Her career had just begun to rise recently . It was unsuitable for her to have another child .

Moreover, they already had two, adorable fellas . If they had another child, would it not be huge chaos?

The woman felt that having the twins was enough and did not want a third kid, but the man did not feel the same way .

He still wished for her to give him a little princess .

This caused him to be especially proactive on some level and her to be tormented by him as a result . She had no idea where the man got his surplus energy from . Even after a night of debauchery, he could still head off to work the next day in great spirits while she could not .

If they did this, she would be drained of her physical strength .

Yun Shishi did not say anything else to him as she pulled the covers and bundled herself up . She closed her eyes and went to sleep .

Seeing how shameless she was being, Mu Yazhe could only let things be .

There was no rush .

The future was still long .

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He lay down obediently and hugged her to sleep .

The box office had been delivering great victory reports these few days, and the most recent was of ‘The Green Apple’ breaking the two-billion record .

Lin Fengtian and a few investors were overjoyed . Therefore, they organized a prestigious celebration banquet .

At the premiere, a few production members made huge promises . If they could break the two-billion record in the box office, each one of them would fulfill a small wish from the fans .

As their film’s box office achieved the anticipated goal, it was time for them to fulfill their bold promise .

Gu Xingze, who had been silent for a long time, was the first to post an alluring photo on the night they broke the box-office record .

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At the premiere initially, under the fans’ collective encouragement, he promised to post a ‘nude’ picture of himself if the movie broke the two-billion box-office record .

When they heard this, the fans were ecstatic . Watching once was not enough; all must watch at least four to five times . Thereafter, everyone started looking forward to the announcement of the movie breaking the box-office record .

The superstar kept his promise and posted a ‘nude’ photo .

The so-called ‘nude’ photo was only a shirtless picture . He lay in the bathtub and took a selfie of his torso . In the photo, his hair was messy and his gaze was haughty . His refined and sexy body left the fans drooling incessantly .

Many fans cried emotionally over it, not because of the superstar fulfilling his promise but because he had been silent for long and finally updated his Weibo . This left all the die-hard fans jubilant .

[Xingze, as long as you are alright, it’s all that matters!]

[We will always love you! We heard that you are sick, so please take good care of yourself!]

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[We will always be your strongest supporters! We wish you a fast recovery!]

In the blink of an eye, the Weibo post had garnered a hundred thousand likes and soon achieved more than a hundred thousand shares . One could see that the impact of the superstar’s ban was not tolerated .

As for Yun Shishi’s promise, she would personally remove her makeup on a program and reveal her bare face if they broke the box-office record .

Coincidentally, she had just received a program schedule, so during the show, she fulfilled her word and personally removed her intricate makeup in front of the entire audience .

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