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Published at 25th of September 2020 02:25:06 PM
Chapter 1914: 1914

The man gave him a stern look of warning, to which the boy immediately gave a glare in return, knowing full well that his mother would shield him this time .

Yo . This chap is smart for once .

If this had been in the past, the boy would have maintained his peace out of fear for his father .

“Here; take the money and make sure to spend it wisely . ” Little Yichen turned around to see his mother passing him a few hundreds of yuan smilingly .

The boy’s jaws dropped at the sight of the measly sum, while his brother laughed at him inwardly .

Their mother was different from their father . While the latter was not shy in showering money on his kids, giving either boy a few hundreds of thousands of yuan as pocket money every month, the former was conservative when it came to their allowance .

She believed that children should learn to be thrifty, and a few hundreds of yuan was more than enough to cover a seven- or eight-year-old kid’s needs .

Youyou could not help gloating over his older brother’s crestfallen face .

The temperature in the North always cooled fast at nighttime, though one only needed to wear a slightly thicker outfit to bear with this, unlike the South, which had wet and cool weather .

The four reached the movie theater and took their seats .

The actress had already watched the movie once . Although her kids had not had the chance to watch it yet, a movie on romance was hardly enticing to them .

Still, the film succeeded in piquing their interest with their mother, who happened to be their favorite character, in the lead role .

The woman, though, was in jittery throughout the screening . After all, many eventful incidents had occurred while filming .

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Alas, her worst fear came true as her husband sat through the movie with a foul look on his face . His expression would change for the worse whenever her intimate scenes, especially those kissing scenes, came on screen .

When she surreptitiously checked his reaction for the scene where Yin Xiachun forced a kiss on her brother, she could see that the man’s face was full of wrath .

It was a test of endurance for her!

With him holding such a frosty attitude inside the theater, the coat she was wearing could hardly keep out the cold brewing in her direction!

Her elder son did not seem to notice the tension between his parents as he shot off his mouth . “Brother, don’t you find the male lead in this show to be very compatible with our mommy?”

The man’s orbs darkened at his son’s words . Reflexively, he reached for the boy’s ear and gave it a sharp twist, causing the boy to jump in pain .

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“Shut up and watch the show without talking!”

Little Yichen held his ear ruefully, not knowing what had ticked his father off this time . Turning to his brother, he grumbled, “Daddy is so violent! What did I do to deserve this punishment?”

“Serves you right!” His brother was not sympathetic toward him at all as the latter gave him an answer expressionlessly . “You shouldn’t have said that another man is compatible with our mommy in front of our daddy . ”

The older son immediately turned to his father and declared, “Daddy, you look the best! No one is more compatible with mommy than you are!”

His adorable antics tickled the crowd into a wave of friendly laughter as people around them glanced at the family .

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Somehow, the actress managed to attract someone’s attention in the audience .

A girl whispered to her boyfriend, “Hey, look at the woman sitting behind you; don’t you think she looks like this show’s female lead?”

Her boyfriend was taken aback and turned his head to look .


Oh, no; I’m exposed! Yun Shishi realized with a start .

The girl was excited about the discovery . She turned toward the actress and probed carefully . “Sorry to disturb you, but are you the actress who acted as Yin Xiachun in this show?”

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