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Published at 25th of September 2020 02:25:09 PM
Chapter 1913

After Little Yichen announced this to his family, he fished out four movie tickets from his wallet as if performing a magic trick .

His mother took a closer look at the tickets and was stunned on the spot when she realized that they were for her maiden show, ‘The Green Apple’ .

“Son, really, how many tickets did you buy?”

“There are too many to count . Mommy, haven’t I told you before? Everyone will have a chance to catch this show on my account!” The boy threw a sidelong glance at his mother .

“How generous of you!” His mother was taken aback by his extravagance .

The family agreed to catch this show together .

While they were on their way to the theater, Yun Shishi started to feel cold . She did not bring an extra coat to keep warm when she left the house earlier, so as night fell, the drastically dropping temperature sent her teeth chattering .

Her husband saw her struggle even though she did not say a word and drove them to a fashion boutique for some warm outerwear .

As the family of four stepped into the store, everyone gazed at them in surprise .

OMG! The man is so suave and handsome, while the lady is gorgeous beyond words .  Besides them, the twins came across as two bright and adorable, mixed-blood . This sight made the onlookers brim with envy .

Mu Yazhe ignored the stunned and envious looks around them as he busied himself with the task at hand: Getting his wife to pick and try on a coat . The whole affair was executed effortlessly under his supervision . He made the payment a few minutes later and they were out of the shop with her in a brand-new coat . The man was very satisfied with his purchase as they walked out while holding hands .

The woman was rendered speechless .

Standing at one side, Yichen gave his evaluation . “Daddy has good taste, indeed! This coat looks good on mommy . She looks snug and pretty in it!”

His father merely retorted dryly, “Stop currying favor . ”

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His father knew him well .

How did daddy know what I was trying to do?

Indeed, his allowance had nearly been depleted by his bulk purchase of movie tickets for the rest to enjoy . With his dwindling pocket money, he reckoned that he could get his father to give him more through flattery .

“Have you used up all your allowance?” His younger brother sniggered at him .

Youyou could tell that his twin wanted to get their mother a coat when he saw her trembling in the cold wind .

The older boy had the intention to pay for the coat, which his father had picked; alas, his wallet had nothing more than a few small notes in it . Thus, he could only stare at the coat with a whooping five-digit price tag in misery .

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He wanted so much to show his gallantry to his mother .


Instead, it was his father who got to show off .

“Almost all the pocket money daddy gave has already been spent . ”

In fact, the boy would receive a few hundreds of thousands of yuan from his father as pocket money every month since he was six . Most of it was set aside for investment, while the rest was recently spent on movie tickets to support his mother’s acting career .

In fact, he had run out of ideas on how to survive this month with the meager sum left in his wallet .

His father was unmoved . “I have already passed you the pocket money for

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this month . You’ll have to wait for next month to get another . ”

The boy looked crestfallen after that .

Concerned, his mother asked, “Son, have you truly spent all your allowance?”

“Yes…” The boy nodded his head eagerly as he looked at her with anticipation .

Just as he expected, she reached out for her wallet and told him, “Don’t worry . Mommy will pass you some pocket money, instead . Hmph . Your father is such a miser!”

“That’s right! Mommy is the best!” exclaimed the lad smilingly as he shot his father a condescending look as saying to the man, You’re so stingy!

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