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Published at 23rd of September 2020 11:20:06 PM
Chapter 1909: 1909

As such, how could she possibly allow Yun Shishi to have what she could not have?

Harboring such thoughts in mind, Song Enya became increasingly more unbalanced . Her loathing for this woman had practically seeped right down to her bone marrows .

The thought of her beloved man hugging another woman and making such a solemn promise to her had the missy seething in rage . She could not help wishing that this lowly commoner would disappear from the face of the earth without a trace!

Her brother had advised her, on more than one occasion, to stop having fantasies about their uncle . Alas, she brushed off his repeated advice, refusing to pay heed to it .

This was why, right there and then, her entire body convulsed with rage and her fists clenched tightly when Yun Shishi appeared before her . Only God knew how tough it was for her to stop herself from rushing forward and strangling this woman!

“Huh . I didn’t expect that I would see you here!”

Ignoring her friend who had come forward to greet her, the young missy wore a condescending smirk as she stepped closer to her nemesis . “Are you thinking smugly that you can live happily ever after with my Brother Mu now? Really, I must take my hat off to you . How well-played, indeed! First, you got close to him through dirty means and got yourself impregnated . Second, you kept one of the twins to your side as you bided time until you could make use of the boy to ensure a lifetime of wealth! The world of the rich is deep and profound, however! Do you think you can take roots in the Mu family with your lowly background? Dream on! Don’t even consider relaxing just because you’re already engaged to Brother Mu! I’m telling you now: You’re wholly unqualified to become a part of his family!”

Yun Shishi lifted a brow and earnestly made a show of waving her hand in the air in extreme disgust .

“Ooh… I can smell a strong stench of vinegar in the air! Are you that jealous of me? It’s such a pity that that’s all you can do . Could you possibly be harboring thoughts of snatching your beloved Brother Mu from me?”

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She paused for a bit as she looked, in full appreciation, at the changing colors of the other woman’s face with a bland smile . “Well, we’ll still have to see if you’re qualified to do so . ”


Song Enya did not expect this woman, who was beneath her status, to retort in such an aggressive and blunt manner . For a moment, her shoulders undulated tremendously as her body shook with rage .

“A slut who can’t be seen in the light—that’s what you are! How I wish Brother Mu is with us now so that he can hear for himself just how ambitious you are!”

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“Don’t go around calling him ‘Brother Mu’! From what I recall, in terms of seniority, you should be addressing him as ‘uncle’, instead! In that case, shouldn’t you be treating me, your aunt, with more respect? Trust the mayor’s daughter to have such a poor upbringing! Imagine the awful things people will say to you if they learn that you have a very uncouth mouth, with vulgar words like ‘slut’ coming out of it each time! From what I’ve heard, you’re a graduate of a prestigious university; shouldn’t you conduct yourself better then instead of behaving like an unreasonable shrew?”

These cruel, sarcastic remarks thoroughly humiliated the proud missy . Unable to get a hold of herself, she stormed up to Yun Shishi and, with a condescending glare, lambasted, “You, shameless slut!”

As she shrieked, she raised her hand to deliver a slap to the woman’s face .

However, just as she moved to do so, her wrist was firmly grasped by a strong hand .

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“Unhand me! Who is it?!”

She pivoted at once, only to receive a swift, resounding slap to the face .


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