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Chapter 1908: 1908

Mu Yazhe then got up and, holding his children’s hands, led both kids to the washroom .

The difference in their height formed a rather interesting sight, especially with the lads only reaching his waist .

Standing at a conspicuous height of 1 . 88 meters, the man had to bend his knees just to hold his twins’ hands .

He, therefore, did not appear to be as overbearing as usual . Rather, hints of paternal care could be perceived from him .

Being only twenty-eight, the man was already a father of twins .

It might be due to his lack of experience or his closed-off personality, but he was quite helpless in handling his son .

Despite this, that bit of gentleness coming from him for his offspring could not be hidden .

Yun Shishi’s eyes formed smiling crescents at this sight, and she unconsciously touched the diamond ring on her ring finger . Her heart was teeming with sweet satisfaction .

As she looked down at the menu and scanned through the dishes, a female voice rang from the neighboring table out of the blue .

“Sis Song, here, here! I’m here!”

She lifted her head quizzically, only to meet the eyes of a familiar face .

Song Enya, dressed all flamboyantly with exquisite makeup, had just stepped into the restaurant with her handbag in hand when she spotted her love rival, who was sitting—directly facing her—in a private booth . At the sight of the woman, her eyes instantly revealed her changing emotions .

“Why are you here?”

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She posed this unreasonable question first before the other could give any reaction .

The latter fell silent, getting the urge to dine at another restaurant, instead .

The rich missy appeared to be here on a date, only to bump into the other by chance as soon as she came .

Her anger flared at the sight of her nemesis .

From what she had heard previously, Mu Yazhe and Yun Shishi had held a grand and lavish engagement ceremony on a private island, which was attended by many influential figures in the political arena and business sector among others from around the globe .

It was an impressive engagement ceremony .

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She had heard about it all from her brother, who had deliberately spoken about these to make his sister completely give up on their uncle and dispel any unrealistic thoughts of the man .

Even though she did not reveal much on her face after hearing all that, tumultuous waves of emotions were crashing inside her .

T-They… really got engaged!

She then breezily questioned, “Don’t the Mus dislike her? Why would they give their consent then?”

Song Yunxi replied, “Not a person from the Mu family was present . The engagement ceremony was held and planned by Uncle Mu himself without using a cent from his family! The most surprising thing was how grand the ceremony was! I heard that our uncle spared no effort in creating the most dreamy and romantic beach wedding for that woman . It was practically a scene straight from a fairy tale . ”

Every word he had breezily spouted was indubitably akin to a sharp icicle piercing his sister’s heart, causing it to bleed .

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Song Enya could hardly breathe out of heartache when she heard her brother’s recount .

Oh, how indignant she felt!

Despite knowing well that she might be unable to receive her Brother Mu’s love even after exhausting all means, she still found it hard to let go of her feelings for him!

She could not take it lying down at all!

All along, this spoiled missy had always managed to get what she wanted .

The one thing—rather a person—that she could not get was her beloved yet unfeeling Brother Mu!

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