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Chapter 1910: 1910

Her face was already stinging red before she could catch a glimpse of her attacker .

That forceful slap had given those present a great shock .

Mu Yazhe flung her arm away thereafter . The abrupt action caused her to lose balance and stumble backward, knocking against the table before falling to the ground .

Even then, she remained in disbelief as she dazedly lifted her head . When she finally saw from whom she had received that slap, her eyes instantly brimmed with grievous tears .

“Brother Mu…”


Did I just get slapped by him?! It’s right in front of a crowd, too?!

What was even more humiliating for her, though, was getting slapped by him in front of her rival .

The pain on her face could not be compared to a fraction of the ache in her heart .

At that moment, darkness seemed to have enveloped her as her world became bleak and overcast .

That unsightly fall had embarrassed her thoroughly . As she held her stinging cheek, she bit hard on her trembling lip flap, unable to utter a word .


This was the first time he got mad at me—for a lowly slut to boot!

How could he?!

How could he embarrass me to this extent in front of a crowd and, worse still, in front of this b*tch?!

Is he defending her now?

In what way does she deserve his protection?

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Tears would not come pouring down despite her urge to cry . The excruciating pain in her heart almost crippled her .

Not only her, even Yun Shishi was shocked as she gaped dumbly at the man beside her . Right now, fury was written all over his handsome face, and it showed particularly in his eyes . That oppressive look he shot his niece struck fear in the young lady .

“I remember warning you not to touch her before!”

That one statement, albeit spoken in such a low voice, sounded utterly terrifying and bone-chilling!

Even the man’s niece could not help biting her lip and holding her breath out of fear and nervousness over his terrifying and icy aura .

What she feared the most was this man flying into a rage .

The way he trained his cold eyes at her was not only tinged with alienation but also disgust .

There was distinct disgust in his eyes .

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Is he disgusted with me?!


Tears came involuntarily streaming down her face as she could no longer hold them back .

The twins arrived at the scene then . As their legs were not long like their father’s, they only caught his intimidating speech once they reached the table, and what Youyou had heard nearly made him rejoice aloud!

How heroic and cool my daddy is!

Trust this vile woman to pop out from God knows where in the short time we’re gone from the table! She must’ve bullied mommy again, so daddy got so mad!

The younger boy felt very gratified to see his father coming to his mother’s defense .

Even Little Yichen was secretly cheering .  Way to go, daddy!

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Whoever bullied mommy needs to receive a good payback, or else everyone will think she’s a pushover!

Song Enya?

He scoffed inwardly .

Right from the start, the boy harbored a great loathing against the Song sisters, which had only deepened after that encounter at Fairy Tale Valley .

All along, the Mus and the Songs had some ties, so they would have joint gatherings from time to time . Presently, though, the older twin would give the Songs the cold shoulder whenever he met them, acting as though he had not seen them .

Even though his rude actions infuriated the Songs greatly, his father neither spoke of his unbecoming behavior toward them nor forced him to greet the elders of that family; thus, he assumed that his father hated that family as well .

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