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Published at 21st of September 2020 11:40:06 PM
Chapter 1903: 1903
Chapter 1903: Yun Na’s Crimes

Those female victims were mindful of their reputation, so not one dared to defy the ruffians . As a result, their crimes were left unpunished .

After every round of fun, Li Dongqiang would pass a handsome reward of a few hundreds and thousands of yuan to Yun Na for each girl .

The average-looking ones would get her a few hundred yuan, while the pretty ones could easily get her a few thousands and even tens of thousands of yuan .

This might not be a lot of money for some, but to Yun Na, who was just a schoolgirl then, it was an attractive amount .

With this money, she started to indulge in luxuries .

At that time, her father’s company was on the edge of declaring bankruptcy . Used to a pampered lifestyle, their sad reality at home was too much for her to bear . Thus, she tried to escape it by sinking into debauchery with the despicable man .

The more she hung out with the guy, the more bad habits she picked up . In the past, she stopped at drink spiking . Gradually, she began to get involved in gambling and taking drugs like methamphetamine .

Usually, she would lose money at the gambling dens instead of winning .

Her debts piled up as she spiraled down the bottomless pit of money-borrowing, only to gamble it all away at the first chance .

She tried to ask money from her father once, but how could he find the money for her then?

In fact, oftentimes, he would refuse to give her anything, knowing that she was up to no good . The little money he had on hand was set aside as emergency funds for his elder daughter’s master’s degree .

In the end, the girl turned to her older sister for money .

Yun Shishi did not concede at first . At that time, she had to look after her sickly child, which required costly medical consultations . On top of that, she had to supplement the household expenses with her meager pay as a fresh graduate . Her income was too stretched to help her younger sister .

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Alas, her half-sibling hinted that the family might get hurt if the hooligans sought them at their house .

She had no choice but to gather some money for the useless sister to repay her debts .

Since then, the latter would ask money from her .

She could not stand her unreasonable requests and tried avoiding her by moving from place to place .

When the debts from Yun Na’s gambling and drug-addiction became too much for her to pay off, she decided to exchange her pretty sister for the cancellation of them .

After tricking her sister to a nightclub, she drugged her . The pact that she made with Li Dongqiang would get her a million yuan on top of erasing her debts .

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She was overjoyed .

Unfortunately for her, Mu Yazhe happened to come along and foil her evil plan .

Poor Yun Shishi would have ended up as another victim if not for the man .

Yun Yecheng had, more or less, concluded what had happened at that point .

Once, Li Dongqiang brought his men to their place to get money back from his good-for-nothing daughter . She could not pay up and was then gangraped by them .

Eventually, her ugly deeds, as well as her gambling debts and drug addiction, came to his knowledge through his elder daughter’s help . Although the old man was doubtful over the accusations, he trusted the older of the siblings’ words more than the younger one’s excuses .

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He was fully convinced of the younger child’s crimes this time!

He could finally see her for what she was—an utter failure who had been wreaking havoc since her school days .

More than that, she even wanted to make use of her sister!

My God, how dared she try to sell her sister to those ruffians?!

The police officer continued to explain that as Yun Na could not pay up the money, Li Dongqiang then abducted the mother-daughter pair in a fit of anger and threw them into the sea .

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