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Published at 22nd of September 2020 11:25:45 PM
Chapter 1904

The old man’s eyes were full of disbelief until the officer took out more relevant evidence and testimonies to support this claim . The senior could not help collapsing back onto a seat with pain written all over his face!

It was his fault for not teaching her right!

He wondered how undeserving he was to have such a shameless daughter .

He fretted restlessly in front of the young police officer as the latter listed off Yun Na’s crimes . He was so ashamed!

His wife knew about these things, but she did not tell him .

In the end, the mother-daughter pair could only blame themselves for their miserable plight!

His daughter was punished for her greed and selfishness, where she harmed others for her personal benefits . As for her mother, she met a sorrowful death due to this unfilial daughter .

The old man could not think straight; there was too much for him to chew on .

Heartache, fury, bewilderment, and a sense of loss overwhelmed him all at once!

The more he thought about it, the worse he felt about his daughter’s ugly deeds .

Thus, the case was closed in this manner .

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The police could find the woman’s body but not the girl’s . Her body was probably lost in the sea for good!

The police told him, “Searching for a body in the vast Eastern Sea is like looking for a needle in a haystack! Even if the body hasn’t rotted fully, the fishes would’ve fed on it . The search cost will be too hefty to consider . Your wife’s body was discovered by chance . We’ll try our best to find your daughter’s body, but there’s no guarantee!”

“What about the culprit?” asked the senior; his voice had turned hoarse and sullen by then . “When will the police bring in the one who murdered my wife and daughter?”

The police replied, “He was killed in a gang clash before we had a chance to apprehend him . All his accomplices were killed alongside him!”

“Gang clash?”

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“Yes . ”

The officer explained that the criminal had gotten into a terrible crossfire with a rival gang . “Li Dongqiang, thirty-five, was attacked by an unidentified group in his underground den two nights prior . The place was bloody by the time we arrived at the scene . There wasn’t a survivor!” The police then laid out the images they took at the scene before the old man .

“Is there such a thing still?!” The senior could not contain his astonishment .

“Mr . Yun, you have my condolences . ” After consoling him, the officer left .

Yun Yecheng sat absentmindedly on the bench for a very long time .

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Yun Shishi was on set when she received his call . She, too, fell into a trance-like state for some time .

The case was brewing with such intensity at first, so she reckoned that it would drag on for a while . She did not expect this abrupt ending!

With the case closed, the old man cleared the necessary procedures and brought the body back for cremation .

The man neither held any funeral nor told anyone about it . The body was quietly sent to the crematorium to be burned .

Actually, he still had his grudges over her, but despite his misgivings, she was still his wife . Now that she was dead, he would let his anger be buried along with her wrongdoings!

Yun Shishi bought a burial plot at Mount Wulan . A plot like this in the crowded capital did not come cheap .

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