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Published at 21st of September 2020 11:40:09 PM
Chapter 1902

Alas, would these men give him a chance to escape?

The one closest to him grabbed him by the hair once more, hurled him to the ground, and took out a handgun in one swift motion . Pointing it at his glabella, the man fired two shots at point-blank .

Blood splattered everywhere instantly .

The body of Li Dongqiang gradually fell to the ground, cold and lifeless .

A message popped up on Youyou’s phone .

The boy swiped the phone screen to see a short and simple text from his assistant . [All the garbage has been cleared . ]

He returned a smiley . After deleting the message, he kept the phone securely under his pillow to have a restful sleep at last .

Two days later, Yun Yecheng was waiting anxiously for an update when the police summoned him again . He rushed to see the precinct, only to be told that they had closed the case .

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The case is closed?!

The latest happening bewildered the old man . What happened in the span of two days to warrant a closure?

After receiving him, the officer in charge started explaining the various evidence they had gathered .

Only then did he find out about the money his useless daughter had owed a certain loan shark .

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“The suspect Li Dongqiang was a frequent offender and was an infamous gangster on East Street who owned a gambling den . ”

The officer showed a few photos of the man before proceeding to explain the full story of his younger daughter’s involvement with this thug .

Yun Na was neither smart nor hardworking . After failing to get into high school, she joined a vocational institute flippantly and mixed with the wrong crowd . Before long, she started hanging out with the local thugs as well .

She had dropped out of school a handful of times before finally lasting through graduation . This hopeless daughter of his did not want to look for a job, though; instead, she continued going out with the mobsters, and one of them was Li Dongqiang .

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During her school days, she frequented bars and nightclubs . At that time, the man was just a small-time thug . It was after one of those chance encounters, where the two shared a drink, that they started to stir up trouble together .

The man had a fetish for young, female students, whereas the good-for-nothing girl was more than willing to put her share of work in illicit affairs .

On weekends, she would bring a few girls from her class to have fun .

The fun, though, was only in name . After bringing them to a bar, she would make them drink spiked beverages .

Those naïve, young girls had not seen the ugly side of society to be on guard, so it was easy for her to get them drugged . Afterward, the hooligans would reveal their true colors as each took a victim to his room to have fun!

As the thug raped the girl, he would also record a clip of him in action with the victim . After the poor girl woke up the next day and found herself naked with a stranger in bed, she was usually too scared and timid to do anything, let alone make a police report . For those who had the courage to do so, Li Dongqiang would get his men to punish her . The videoclip would then be used as a trump card to silence the girls . For those who wanted to report them to the police, he would threaten to post their video clips onto the school forums .

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