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Published at 21st of September 2020 11:40:11 PM
Chapter 1901

The boy did not agree, though . “Since the body of the old woman has been found, we must know what happened to the young one just to be safe . Finding her corpse will be the surest way to determine her death . Her being alive will cause problems for us eventually . ”

His assistant nodded in agreement but added with some hesitation, “It’s not easy to locate a body in the vast Eastern Sea, but I’ll do my best; I just can’t promise anything . ”

The boy tidied the stack of notes on his table and mulled over his words with pursed lips .

Indeed, trying to look for a body in the sea was akin to searching for a needle in a haystack .

After a while, he instructed, “You try to see if you can enlist the help of the local fishermen there . As they go out fishing regularly, they may discover something before us . If they find something suspicious, tell them to inform us immediately . We have to seal the news before they call the police . ”

His henchman nodded in acquiescence .

This was probably the only way they could clear up the mess at this point .

As the lad drummed his fingers on the tabletop, he commented with absolute disgust, “As for that Li Dongqiang, there’s no point keeping him with his poor performance . ”

“Understood . I know what to do . ”

At 2 AM, an underground gambling den on East Street was bustling with activities as usual .

Li Dongqiang was keeping watch over the gambling arena with a cigarette hanging between his lips . Like a tiger surveilling its territory, he was roaming the perimeter when his lackey came up to him suddenly and whispered into his ear, “Boss, someone is looking for you . ”

The ruffian furrowed his brows and asked with a side-eye, “Who?”

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His man shook his head cluelessly but hinted, “I’m unsure, but the person said he has a ‘big business’ for you . ”

Big business?

The ruffian pricked up his ears at the magic phrase, his eyes shining with interest .

‘Big business’ was a code used in underground dealings to mean that someone wanted him to handle a dirty job .

He immediately spit out his cigarette butt and stepped on it, asking his lackey, “Where is the person?”

“Waiting for you inside the building . ”

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Li Dongqiang barked an order before leaving . “Help me look after this place; I’ll return once I’m done speaking to the person . ”

He then walked toward the building .

As he approached the entrance, he deftly caught the scent of fresh blood . As someone who was often involved in shady businesses and homicides, his nose was especially sensitive to this smell . Confounded by the smell, he hesitated as he placed his hand on the doorknob . Eventually, he decided to push the door open .

Just as he took a step into the place, a burly man in black appeared next to the door, grabbed him by the collar, and shoved him to the floor .

Caught off guard, he crashed to the ground . As he tried to support his fall with his hands, he felt something sticky on the floor . When he looked at it, he found himself staring at a lifeless pair of orbs .

He got a rude shock once he had a good look at the corpse lying on the ground .

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“What the f*ck?!”

The door behind him slammed shut as he cursed at the sight .

He swung his head around warily . Two men in black were standing guard at the door; one walked toward him, lifted him up by the hair, and eyed him .

“Are you Li Dongqiang?”

“Yes… I-I am . Who the hell are you?!” The hooligan was tongue-tied with fear by now . By the time he managed to regain his composure, he realized that the bodies lying on the floor were all his men .

These were the ones who had helped him punish Lu Jingtian—none of them had survived .

“Get rid of this one, too,” instructed the other man standing at the door .

Realizing that the men were after his life, the ruffian quickly crawled up from the floor and wanted to make a dash for the exit .

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