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Published at 20th of September 2020 11:30:10 PM
Chapter 1900: 1900
Chapter 1900: Through Blades of Fire

Clenching his chest with a look of pain, he whined woefully to Youyou . “I’m so hurt! I cared for you as if you were my son, but what did I get in return? Not only were my bonuses cut, I even endured your constant ridicule . How unjust!”

The little lad replied coolly, “Agent Li, may I remind you that only the strongest survive? As your superior, I have the right to withhold, let alone cut, your bonuses; if you were that capable, you could do the same to me, too!”

The man, who was struck speechless, could only glare forlornly at the boy .

The two stood facing each other for some time before they broke into a smile and silently acknowledged each other with a fist bump .

The truth was, despite his vicious words, the boy had the utmost respect for his assistant .

Even though the seven-year-old was considered his superior, in terms of age, the boy would have to address Li Hanlin as ‘uncle’!

The man had been faithfully standing by him all this while and was considered his most loyal follower . This was a man who would go through blades of fire for him without reservation .

“What do we do next?”

The boy closed his eyes momentarily before declaring firmly, “Keep this under wraps without further delay! In the meantime, get some men to find Yun Na’s whereabouts!”

“Understood . ”

The doorbell rang just as they finished their conversation .

His man went to open the door and was greeted by a man in uniform who smiled at him .

“Sir, how do you do? This is the information you’ve asked for . ” The man then passed a report to him .

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As he received the file, he asked, “What about the autopsy report?”

The man shook his head and replied crisply, “The report isn’t ready yet . As the body has rotted, so much, even the senior coroners can’t tolerate working on it over long hours, so the progress is very slow . ”

“Got it . You can leave now . Remember not to breathe a word of this to anyone else . ”

“Yes, sir!”

After he closed the door, Agent Li passed the file to his boss .

Youyou opened the thick file expressionlessly and started to flip through it, page by page .

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He pored over the report .

As expected, Li Qin’s identity was preliminarily confirmed through DNA testing .

Without a doubt, this was his step-grandmother .

“I do recall telling Li Dongqiang to do a clean job . ” The boy snorted with a glint in his eyes .

The agent was quiet until he speculated, “I guess he wanted the body to sink to the bottom of the sea . Normally, the body would’ve disintegrated after a few months . If not, the fishes would’ve ripped it apart . ”

“That guy appears to be very vicious from the way he handled this matter . ”

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He can’t be as ruthless as you are, retorted the agent inwardly, though he lacked the courage to say it loud .

Instead, the man commented leisurely, ” None of the hooligans on East Street has clean hands . Those people only work for the sake of money . Still, I doubt their efficiency can be compared to the professionals!”

“Now that my step-grandmother’s body has been found, what about my step-aunt?” The boy voiced his suspicion .

“The Eastern Sea covers a wide area and is deep, going down as far as a few thousand meters! It’s near impossible to recover two bodies at the same time . I think your step-grandmother’s body was only discovered by chance!”

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