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Chapter 1882: 1882
Chapter 1882: Thanks for waiting, hubby!

It left the assistant’s charge stupefied as she watched all this pan out from the side .

Upon noticing the dumbfounded look on her face, Mu Xi asked in bafflement, “What’s wrong, Shishi? Why this look?”

“Wow, that’s impressive! I didn’t know that you could be so savage . ”

The amused assistant stuck her tongue out in response when she heard that . “Of course! I evidently picked up a thing or two from working with Qin Zhou for so long . ”

“Thanks for speaking up for me, but really, you needn’t bother with those people . ”

“Shishi, you—”

“I’m not trying to be a hypocrite here, but you never know what consequences you’ll bring yourself for provoking them; being the cultured person here, there’s no need for you to stoop to a bunch of nitwits’ level . ”

She did not quite understand what her artist was trying to tell her .

“It’s a dog-eat-dog world . The fact that they can enjoy some level of fame tells us that the people backing them are of a certain social standing . If you, an assistant, go head to head against them, you’ll likely end up suffering yourself!”

She understood then that her artist was concerned about her .

Indeed . Anger had made her momentarily lose her rationality earlier .

Having gathered her wits now, memories of the earlier event hit her with a belated sense of fear .

The people backing those celebrities had quite some influence . If those women were to mention today’s fiasco to their sugar daddies, there was no telling how she would be dealt with!

After all, the assistant was different from those celebrities, in which she had no strong backing to depend on .

As such, she flashed the other woman an apologetic smile . “I wasn’t being rational enough; I’m sorry, Shishi, and thanks for your concern!”

She felt particularly grateful toward her charge for the kind reminder she had dropped to her .

“It’s fine . You don’t have to worry, either . ”

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With a smirk, the artist suddenly changed the topic and told her assistant, “Leave such people to me in the future . I will deal with them myself . ”

Very well . Since I’m accused of resorting to low tactics to boost my career, I shall let them see the sort I used .

She was incensed to hear such accusations and slander earlier as well . It was just out of courtesy that she did not display displeasure on her face .

When she returned to the dressing table, her phone happened to vibrate, alerting her of a new message received .

Mu Yazhe: [What time do you get off work?]

Her reply: [Filming ends at 4 PM . ]

Another message came in half a minute later . [ Which TV station are you at? I’ll pick you up later . ]

The content of it was just a few words, yet it was one filled with love .

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The corners of her lips lifted as she speedily typed: [Yasen TV Station . ]

Generally speaking, the recording of a variety show was a long, grueling one despite the broadcast having probably only around ninety minutes of airtime .

By the time the four-hour filming ended, the man had long arrived at the TV station’s basement car park and was quietly waiting for his woman .

Yun Shishi appeared right on time, and as soon as she got in the car, she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and planted a big, fat kiss on his cheek .

“Thanks for waiting for me, hubby!”

The warm, affectionate endearment had the man involuntarily hooking his lips up in an indulgent smile .

“Are you hungry?” He posed the question while tenderly gazing at her face .

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The aggrieved woman rubbed her flat belly and whined, “You bet I am! I only ate a little for lunch . ”

“What did you have for lunch?”

“A takeaway box…” A grudging look appeared on her face right then . “But I could only eat a few mouthfuls before rushing off to my next schedule . ”

“Why the hurry? You’re supposed to eat your fill . ”

“Well, I was afraid I’d be late for filming . ”

“Just make them wait, then . From now on, don’t you go to work without a full stomach! Prolonged periods without food tend to lead to gastritis . ”

Such an overbearing tone was his usual, speaking manner!

She could not help but be amused by it .

The meticulous concern he showed had her feeling so touched as though she had just tasted sweet honey .

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