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Published at 15th of September 2020 11:20:11 PM
Chapter 1883

Mu Yazhe lovingly rubbed the woman’s fringe before tucking a lock of her hair, which was dangling near the corner of her eye, behind her ear .

“Where do you want to go for dinner?”

Smacking her rosy lips together, the woman suggested, “Why don’t we go for a western meal? I’m suddenly craving steak . ”

“Alright . Steak it is, then!”

Thus, the car slowly made its way out of the carpark . At the exit, however, due to the increase in its speed, they nearly crashed head-on into a moving Mercedes-Benz .

Yun Shishi watched the unfolding of the incident in horror . The emergency brake was applied at once, halting their vehicle in the nick of time . It was all thanks to the man’s good maneuvering of the car and its high performance that they managed to avoid the other vehicle at the last minute .

Then, out came a woman from the other ride .

Her expression turned chilly the moment she identified the person .

What was that saying again?

Enemies were bound to meet on a narrow road .

How true it was, for the person who had just alighted from the Mercedes-Benz was the very person who had a fierce spat with her assistant—Wu Mengjie .

Under the impression that the two cars had collided, the woman anxiously stepped out of her vehicle right away and went to check her car hood and bumper . It was only when she found no signs of damage that she heaved a sigh of relief .

She had received quite a bad shock just then .

As Mercedes-Benz was an imported vehicle, it would cost her a bomb to have any car parts imported from abroad should the car paint be chipped .

The very thought of this sent her aggressively storming up to Mu Yazhe’s car and furiously rapping on his car window with her knuckles after she managed to calm herself down from her panic .

“Are you friggin’ blind?! Don’t you know how to drive a car?! Why the hell are you speeding in the carpark for?! Are you rushing to go to hell?!”

Yun Shishi’s countenance appeared even colder than ever .

Huh . Wu Mengjie behaved so reservedly and modestly on screen, smiling like an elegant, classy, and ravishing goddess, so I’ve never pegged her as such an uncultured shrew in real life .

One can’t judge a book by its cover, indeed .

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Only God knows how nauseating she truly is beneath that glamorous surface .

A poker-faced Mu Yazhe then wound down the car window and coldly scanned the woman with a turn of his head .

The sight of him stunned Wu Mengjie right away .

What a hunk!

Is he an idol?

I’ve never seen anyone this dashing in showbiz, though, despite me being in it for so long!

Deep-set eyes, exquisite features, and a beautiful bone structure—how stunning he looks!

It was only natural for her to be infatuated with his good looks as people tended to be fascinated by beautiful things .

However, when her gaze landed on the woman in the passenger seat in the next second, she appeared more surprised than ever .

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“Why are you here?!”

Yun Shishi coldly shot back . “Why can’t I be here?”


The senior celeb stared between the two, feeling somewhat baffled!

Her gaze then shifted and fell on the tightly intertwined fingers of the pair . From the fact that the two were still holding hands despite sitting in the car, she could tell that they shared an intimate relationship .

Could he be…

“Who is this?” she asked with narrowed eyes, eager to find out about the relationship between the handsome man and the rookie actress .

A deep, meaningful smirk blossomed on the other woman’s face . “Didn’t you claim that the reason for my fame is I have a sugar daddy to support my career?”

As she spoke, she glanced at the man . She then flashed a fleeting smile at the woman outside the car and generously introduced her man . “This is that aforementioned sugar daddy . ”

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Sugar daddy?!

Upon hearing that, the man’s eyes instantly turned frosty .

BOOM! went Wu Mengjie’s head the moment she heard that introduction .


This ridiculously handsome man is actually this b*tch’s sugar daddy?!

How’s that possible?!

By the looks of it, though… they seem rather chummy…

The thought of it had her gnashing her teeth .

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