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Published at 14th of September 2020 11:15:10 PM
Chapter 1881

“You might as well go hook up with a harebrained sugar daddy to fulfill your dream of marrying into a wealthy family!”

Everything the assistant said about this celebrity was true . The latter indeed had started out as a bar hostess, made her showbiz debut by pestering her sugar daddy for a chance, and undergone plastic surgery . The thick-skinned artist managed to snag some resources for herself and a bit of fame, but with her popularity remaining average, she was no more than an invited extra to fill in the headcount for this program .

The celebrity’s face turned pale with rage at the mocking hurled her way, but she was unable to fire a retort .

As the saying went, ‘Where there are women, there is war . ’ What more of a place like showbiz, which was packed with all sorts of beauties? If one must describe it, this was similar to the royal harem in ancient times .

Many artists were akin to consorts and concubines in a harem . While those blessed with inherent beauty may have a bright future ahead in their path to stardom, those without good looks could only accept their fate and undergo reconstruction surgeries . Still, it was all up to their fate whether they could get popular or not after that!

Take this woman whom her junior colleagues addressed as Sis Meng for example; despite being in possession of an angelic face after going under the knife, success remained elusive to her as her popularity remained middling even after filming several shows .

As for those who suffered a fate worse than hers, they would eventually disappear from the industry without a trace, just like how concubines who had fallen out of favor would be banished to the cold palace .

In fact, there were a number of artists who were actually no more than high-class prostitutes despite their glamorous appearances . They got carried away by their pandering to the rich and powerful, as well as their indulgence of their vanity and materialistic desires .

These were the sort of people that the assistant despised the most .

Before working in the entertainment industry, her young, innocent-self had always hailed the celebrities as gods and goddesses . Only after she had truly stepped into it did she realize that all that glow was not gold . What lay below the shiny surface was nothing but a vile core .

Meanwhile, the relative senior actress was temporarily rendered speechless out of fury .

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Nevertheless, the assistant went ahead and ridiculed the artist further . “What’s the point of being envious and jealous of my charge? Do the same if you can’t take it lying down! If you have the capabilities, then make people see you in a whole new light by filming a box-office hit as well!”

“You! Shut your trap, you b*tch!”

The racket caused by their intense altercation alerted the program’s producer .

He came over to the makeup room to check things out, and when he spotted Mu Xi in there, he smiled at her in greeting .

As the production team used to have rather close ties with Gu Xingze, she was no stranger to the producer . He knew that she was a young lady of propriety .

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Hence, he shifted his gaze onto the group of seething celebrities and frowned .

“What are you all doing?! What’s going on here?”

“Producer Lee, it’s like this…”

The assistant proceeded to explain the earlier situation to him .

This got the senior celeb panicking . She tried explaining things in her defense, but the man waved his hand at her and cut her off .

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“Fancy holding an argument here when there are so many reporters lying in wait backstage! Quite some temper you’ve got there, huh?! I’m warning you, Wu Mengjie: If you still want to take part in my show, you’d better shut your mouth now, lest you end up getting picked on and embarrassing yourself before the audience later for your poor performance! By then, don’t blame me for not giving you any heads-up!”

With that, he turned to chat with the assistant for a bit more before leaving to busy himself with other matters .

The actress was so fed up by this turn of events that her chest undulated tumultuously . With nowhere to vent her anger, she growled, “It’s sure different for people with a background! Even the producer is taking care of the sl*t!”

“Do the same if you can, then . ”

Feeling stifled and uncomfortable all over, she shot the other woman a jabbing stare as she stormed out of the makeup room in her high heels with her ‘lackeys’ in tow .

It left the assistant’s charge stupefied as she watched all this pan out from the side .

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